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female detainees whose cases were adjudicated at the US District Court for the Northern District of California, San Francisco from 1882 to 1892.

Case 2657 Moy Chin See his wife

Case 2917 Lee Kin Sai alias Lee Wah Chung

Case 2950 Tie Yimm a woman

Case 3068 Lin Kum daughter, Wye See mother

Case 3100 Tarm How Yen wife

Case 3308 Yung Ah Chung woman

Case 3549 Mrs. Fong Ah Chung

Case 3644 Mrs. Ching Din

Case 3745 Mrs. Lee nee Chun Ah On

Case 3763 Mrs. Leong nee Lee Ah Fung

Case 3813 Mrs. Chun nee Lee Ah You

Case 3839 Mrs. Ah Foo nee Jeong Que

Case 4210 Mrs. Chuey Gun

Case 4236 Mrs. Kwong Kan

Case 4725 Lee Doong Hee

Case 4930 Tong Look Gun

201 Chinese passengers arrived on the steamer San Pablo in San Francisco on September 12, 1887. 28 of the 87 petitions for Habeas Corpus filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California, San Francisco were on behalf of women. Cases 4961 to 5000 included petitions filed on behalf of women. This webpage has examples of interviews with men who had Habeas Corpus petitions filed on their behalf. I posted these examples so the reader can compare and contrast the interview questions asked of men with questions asked of women.

Case 4961 Chun Ah Soo

Case 4962 Chin Hoon Haw

Case 4963 Qeung Sai Sam

Case 4966 Lee Choy Lum

Case 4967 Quock Yow Kum

Case 4969 Wong Chow Ling

Case 4970 Wong Saw King

Case 4975 Chin Ah Mung

Case 4976 Gwock Ah King

Case 4977 Low Ah Tuck

Case 4978 Wong Ah Ngun

Case 4979 Ho Ah Fung

Case 4980 Quock Ah See

Case 4981 Chun Si Fong

Case 4982 Leung Ah See

Case 4983 Tom Fong

Case 4983 appeal Tom Fong
Chinese cases appealed from the Circuit Court of the United States for the Northern District of California.

Tenth Rule of Supreme Court

Case 4984 Chun Ah Ho

Case 4985 Low Woon Gun

Case 4986 Kwock Ah Chut

Case 4987 Ng Ly

Case 4988 Low Ah Moy

Case 4989 Chun Qui

Case 4990 Wea Moy

Case 4991 Gwock Ah Yuen

Case 4992 Lee Ah Jin

Case 4993 Chin Ying Ahn

Case 4994 Lee Len Gim

Case 5000 Mock Ah You

Case 5055 Go Ng Moey

Case 5056 Haw Ah Pack

Case 5057 Che Tue Far

Case 5058 Chee Tue Gook

Case 5059 Leong Dai Ho

Case 5060 Jue Fong Gim

Case 5061 Jue Ah Dan

Case 5062 Quock Ah Sip records
Case 5062 Quock Ah Sip Testimony pages 1 to 22
Case 5062 Quock Ah Sip Testimony pages 23 to 49
Case 5062 Quock Ah Sip Testimony pages 49 to 72
Case 5062 Quock Ah Sip Testimony pages 72 to 99
Case 5062 Quock Ah Sip Testimony pages 100 to END
Appeal of 5062 case

Case 5063 Hom Ah Quak

Case 5064 Chin Jin Ho

Case 5065 Leong Hee Choy

Case 5066 Ng See Moi

Case 5067 Wong Ah Duck

Case 5068 Toy Yee

Case 5086 Ling You

Case 5086 Toy Yee

Case 5087 Lee Ah Gim

Case 5088 Lim Yim Hee

Case 5089 Leong Ah Joe

Case 5090 Pong Ah Ho

Case 5091 Ng Ah See

Case 5092 Leong Gum Far

Case 5093 Tung Ho Choy

Case 5094 Hor Ah Gue

Case 5095 Fung Ah Toe

Case 5096 Low Tie Ho

Case 5097 Wong Tung Qui

Case 5098 Chun Ah Que

Case 5099 Huey Choy Dip

Case 5100 Leong Gam See

Case 5101 Wong Que Fong

Case 5102 Wong Tu Choy

Case 5103 Wong Gam Gook

Case 5104 Wong Leong Hung

Case 5105 Ching Qui Far

Case 5106 Wong You Choy

Case 5107 Wong Doon Ho

Case 5108 Ho Di Ho

Case 5109 Ho Di Kew

Case 5110 Chun Ah Ping

Case 5111 Ip Gum Yow

Case 5112 Lai Ah Di

Case 5113 Leong Ah Hee

Case 5314 Fong Sue Moi

Case 5315 Chow Ah Ho

Case 5316 Lee Ngau Yook

Case 5317 Jin Soon Toi

Case 5318 Lim Ah Kim

Case 5319 Hom Lai Chung

Case 5320 Chow Ah Ung

Case 5321 Ngam Ah Jow

Case 5322 Wong Ah Jin

Case 5323 Law Ah Gue

Case 5325 Toy Jung Shee

Case 8747 Loo Choy Ho

Case 8749 Lee Ey Fung

Case 8763 Leong Ah Choy

Case 8798 Wong Too Ying

Case 8799 Yee Me Ho

Case 8802 Yee Qui Kim

Case 8803 Fong Sue Ho

Case 8807 Kwok Ah Ying and Kowk Sue (sisters)

Case 8810 Mar Ah Yow

Case 8812 Ng Ah Haw

Case 8909 Leong Kam

Case 8963 Gin Koon Far

Case 8972 Wong Choy Sin

Case 8973 Wong Fook Ho

Case 8974 Wong Sing Yee

Case 8976 Dong Young

Case 8978 Dong Que Far

Case 9151 Lim Get Gaow

Case 9155 Leong Lai Yook

Case 9213 Mar Sue Lim

Case 9455 Jueng Gum

Case 9518 Lee Hay

Case 9520 Lee Heong

Case 9722 Mar Chew Kook

Case 9739 Jew Sing Toy

Case 9741 Wong Ow How

Case 9797 Jung Sioy

Case 9800 Jeung Yit Quay

Case 10052 Yee Mee

Case 10116 Chin Chon Loy

Case 10144 Cha Sing Kwai

Case 10145 Cha Tai Kim

Case 10175 Young Choy Ling

Case 10209 Lum Toy