Richard Payson Bee
Born about 1912
Address in 1933: 9946 S. Winchester Avenue, Chicago, IL
Graduate of Morgan Park High School
Dartmouth, class of 1933
Member of Theta Chi Fraternity
Member of Ledyard Canoe Club
Economics Major
Married July 20, 1936 to Ruth Marie Pechtel
William Cavalier & Company 1934-1941 San Francisco securities
Son, Kenyon Wilson Bee, born July 29, 1940
Otis McAllister from 1941 to 1957
Lieutenant US Navy from 1943 to 1946 in Panama
Daughter, Susan Marilyn (Bonnie) Bee, born June 5, 1944
Started working in 1958 for Tropex Graphics, Inc. , 130 West 42nd St, New York, NY
Address in 1958:
1 Upland Drive, Greenwich, CT
Eventually, Mr. Bee and his wife became agents for the Leyden Hearth, a device to provide efficient wood burning.
Died February 8, 1993