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89001889Loo Sing Ying (female) Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedLoo Kong Bo726 Dupont1870
89011889Wong Toon Moey (female) Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanRemandedWong Hay Moon716 Dupont1871
89021889Wong Ying Ack Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedWong KitLos Angeles1864
89031889Leong Ah Quong Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedLeong Lin Fon826 Dupont1872
89041889Fong Gim Gook (female) Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanRemandedFong Toy Wah1009 Dupont1869
89051889Leong Ah Sing Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedLeong Lin Fon826 Dupont1874
89061889Jew Ah Pon  Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanRemandedJiew Chong Yow846 Washington 1869
89071889Lee Ying (female) Native BornBelgicMiller, H B M RemandedLee Qui820 Dupont1868
89081889Wong Sing Toy (female) Native BornBelgicMiller, H B M RemandedWong Tock PowCorner Sacramento and Stockton1864
89091889Leong Kam (female) Native BornBelgicMiller, H B M RemandedLeong Dock Ong719 Commercial1874
89101889Jung Chut Native BornBelgicMiller, H B M DischargedJung Sung744 Commercial 1868
89111889Wong Ah Fook Native BornBelgicStranahan, F. E. DischargedWong Han ChinLos Angeles24 years
89121889Loui Ah Yin  Native BornBelgicStranahan, F. E. DischargedLoui Mon Shew819 Dupont21 years
89131889Wong Ah Gim Native BornBelgicStranahan, F. E. DischargedWong Ying Fong740 Commercial32 years
89141889Lee Ah Yick  Native BornBelgicStranahan, F. E. DischargedLee Yuen Lim818 Dupont13 years
89151889Lee Ah Jung Native BornBelgicStranahan, F. E. DischargedLee Jung Ock771 Clay21 years
89161889Wong Gim Yuen Native BornBelgicStranahan, F. E. DischargedWong Moon Dim Corner of Clay and Dupont18 years
89171889Jow Fung Chung Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedJow Lim Gat769 Clay 16 years
89181889Wong Ah Lock Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Wing Yin900 Dupont24 years
89191889Hung Tai Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedHung Dun Chan712 Dupont19 years
89201889Lee Yen Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedLee Lung Yuen714 1/2 Dupont17 years
89211889Jow Kai Gong Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedJow Sim Sing900 Dupont16 years
89221889Hor Ah Moey (female) Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedHo Sing Ack714 Dupont1869
89231889Lee Ah Kum  Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedLee You Sing824 Dupont1868
89241889Lee Fong Gin Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanRemandedLee Gim YookCorner of Dupont and Commercial1870
89251889Wong Gang Shin Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedWong Gow614 Dupont1862
89261889Ng Ah Yook Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedNg Kay QuongStockton1866
89271889Yee Mee Ho (female) Native BornBelgicStranahan, F. E. DischargedYee Quan Yit911 Dupont20 years
89281889Chan Kee Far (female) Native BornBelgicStranahan, F. E. DischargedChan Lin Yow806 Washington19 years
89301889Wong Gun Woo Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Poy Gim831 1/2 Dupont19 years
89311889Ng Duck Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedNg Kay918 Dipont 
89321889Jee Man Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedJee Yuey Poy823 Dupont18 years
89331889Wong Mun Bon  Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Gim Yow714 Dupont17 years
89341889Pon Quock So Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedPow Yuey Jim613 Jackson16 years
89351889Mar Dun Su Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedMar Sing714 Dupont18 years
89361889Jung Ah Poy Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedJung Fung He813 Dupont1867
89371889Jew Ah Lai Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedJew Len Ack722 Dupont1867
89381889Ang Ah Hor Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedAng Gen SingNW corner Dupont and Jackson1867
89391889Tom On Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedHom Wing Kee708 Sacramento1866
89401889Lim Ah Choon Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedLim See WingNE corner Dupont and Jackson1870
89411889Lim Ah Heaum Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedLim Lip Chee714 Dupont1871
89421889Jung Ah Choon Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedJeung Bak Goey718 Dupont1870
89431889Jung Ah Mook Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedJeung Bak YickNE corner Washington and Dupont1869
89441889Tom Bock Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedTom Gim Que808 Sacramento1867
89451889Ng Ah Gong Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedNg Hock Way846 Dupont19 years
89461889Lee Ging Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedLee Quon828 Dupont12 years
89471889Quan Ah Shin Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedQuan En LungMerced, California19 years
89481889Jew Ah Sang Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedJew Jung Loy639 Jackson18 years
89491889Wong Jin Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Sang754 Washington18 years
89501889Jue Ah Chow Native BornBelgicStranahan, F. E. DischargedJue Lin Dang765 Clay1877
89511889Jue Ah Que Native BornBelgicStranahan, F. E. DischargedJue Yick Wo769 Clay1871
89521889Jue Ah Kee Native BornBelgicStranahan, F. E. DischargedJue Lin Dock625 Dupont1871
89531889Fong Gen Shee Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedFong Suey Yee841 Dupont1874
89541889Jew Ah I (girl) Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedJew Quock GaowSacramento, California1871
89551889Tom Laong Slin  Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedTom Doo Cheong810 Sacramento1862
89561889Jew Ack Lin  Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedJew Ping QueNE corner Dupont and Jackson1867
89571889Jew Ah Gin  Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedJew Tong He731 Commercial1868
89581889Fong Ping Siet Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanRemandedFong Chow Sin816 Dupont1874
89591889Wong Gick Native BornBelgicStranahan, F. E. DischargedWong Lick723 Sacramento1868
89601889Lee Ah Din  Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedLee Gan Quong828 Dupont26 years
89611889Ng Ah Foo Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedNg Hock Way722 Dupont24 years
89631889Gin Koon For (girl) Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanRemandedGin Leng Yow806 Washington1876
89641889Fong Kee Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedclaims to bave been a waiter shipped from San Francisco  
89651889Wong Han Ngip Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Yan Kim 35 Nigger Alley, Los Angeles, CA1866
89661889Tom Doo Toy Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedTom Suey Din 842 Dupont1873
89671889Jeung Gin Ack Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedJung You Fong744 Sacramento1864
89681889Hom You Gaung Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedTom Goey Lan886 Dupont1871
89691889Ho Hwe Gaow (female) Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedHo Yan Pork 726 Dupont1868
89701889Ang Ah Moey (female) Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedAng Yuen Wah813 Dupont1867
89711889Yee Yooey Jeng Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Bew Gai693 Jackson1865
89721889Wong Choy Sin (female) Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedWong Ah QuaiYuen Fung Restaurant1874
89731889Wong Fook Ho (female) Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedWong Ah QuaiYuen Fung Restaurant1875
89741889Wong Sing Yee (female) Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedWong Ah QuaiYuen Fung Restaurant1876
89751889Yee Loui Haw (female) Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredRemandedYee Jen Jung717 Dupont1869
89761889Dang Young (female) Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedLung Gip801 Dupont1877
89771889Chin On Sin Native BornArabicRicketts, AlfredDischargedChin Jung Fun754 Washington1870
89781889Dong Que Far (female) Native BornArabicMowry, LymanRemandedAng Gee Gow820 Dupont1875
89791889Ching Choow Ho (female) Native BornArabicMowry, LymanDischargedChin Dook Wong845 Dupont1868
89801889Moy Que Ling (female) Native BornArabicMowry, LymanRemandedMoy Yum Sam716 Dupont1868
89811889Mar Sen Len (female) Native BornArabicMowry, LymanRemandedMar Yuen Ting728 Dupont1868
89821889Wong Ah Lam  Native BornArabicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Sare Bock810 Montgomery1866
89831889Wong Ah Quock  Native BornArabicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Or Nang309 Commercial1866
89841889Yep Din Native BornArabicRicketts, AlfredDischargedYep Dok Wing813 Dupont1867
89851889Tom Oh Gum  Native BornArabicMowry, LymanDischargedHom Gim JungNE corner Dupont and Washington1868
89861889Wee Chow Gook (female) Native BornArabicMowry, LymanRemandedWee Wy Ark801 Dupont1867
89871889Lee Sing For (female) Native BornArabicMowry, LymanDischargedLee Tooey Fook727 Sacramento1869
89881889Lien Ling Foy (female) Native BornArabicMowry, LymanRemandedLien Kip Hock620 Dupont1870
89891889Wee Chow Ying (female) Native BornArabicMowry, LymanDischargedWee Wy Ark801 Dupont1866
89901889Lee Dock Wing Native BornArabicMowry, LymanDischargedLee Gim Hing714 Dupont1866
89911889Ng Ah Bin Native BornArabicMowry, LymanDischargedNg Dim Quong742 Commercial1873
89921889Yee Bong Native BornArabicMowry, LymanDischargedYu Lai Bu714 Dupont1867
89931889Wong Ah Toy Native BornArabicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Hung1007 Dupont1866
89941889Lee Forng Wun Native BornArabicRicketts, AlfredDischargedLee Ngun Lum810 Washington1865
89951889Chew Yung  Native BornArabicRicketts, AlfredDischargedChew Ock Dun81 re Quong On, Chico, Butte County1865
89961889Jue Ah Leung  Native BornArabicCross & DensonDischargedJue Ah SitDupont 1874
89971889Jue Tie On Native BornArabicCross & DensonDischargedJue Gar Lin771 Clay1878
89981889Jue Goon Hoy Native BornArabicCross & DensonRemandedJue Shut SingClay and Dupont1875
89991889Won Ah Lim  Native BornArabicMowry, LymanDischargedWon Ming Gaow809 Dupont1877
90001889Lee Ah Shoo (female) Native BornArabicMowry, LymanBoond exoneratedLee Wah714 Commercial1868
90011889Sam Ah Sear Native BornArabicMowry, LymanDischargedSam Ming Gaung716 Dupont1877
90021889Lum Ah In Native BornArabicMowry, LymanRemandedLum Quock HingJ Street, Sacramento, California1871
90041889Chew Keung Native BornCity of SydneyMowry, LymanDischargedChew Kin723 Sacramento Street1873
90061889Victor Aronande   Carroll CookDischarged   
90071889Lee Ah Chon Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedLee Hor Yin715 Commercial1877
90081889Wong Sear Hay Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedWong Sam620 Dupont1873
90091889Wong Gong Fong  Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedWong Sam620 Dupont1872
90101889Lien Foong Gin Native BornCity of SydneyMowry, LymanDischargedLem Wee Yung714 Dupont1868
90111889Lee Loy Ang Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedLu Len Pong810 Dupont1868
90121889Lim Moon Won Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedLim Goey Jung728 Dupont1867
90131889Gee Kee Far (female) Native BornCity of SydneyMowry, LymanRemandedGee Chung One710 Dupont1861
90141889Chun Qui Choy (female) Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedChun Song Wy820 Dupont1861
90151889Yee You Ack Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedYee Len Pong706 Dupont 1873
90161889Gee Shing Gook (female) Native BornCity of SydneyMowry, LymanRemandedGee Chong You824 Dupont1869
90171889Lee Ah Doon Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedLee Sing Hip627 Dupont1877
90181889Lim Ah Shim  Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedLim Lep Moy765 Clay1871
90191889Loui Ah Bin  Native BornOceanicStranahan, F. E. DischargedLoui Fong Oh711 Commercial21 years
90201889Toy Foo Wing Native BornOceanicStranahan, F. E. DischargedToy Ah On820 1/2 Washington22 years
90211889Loui Ah Ho alias Loui Ting Kee (female) Native BornOceanicStranahan, F. E. DischargedLoui Gum Ting801 Dupont20 years
90221889Lew On  Native BornOceanicStranahan, F. E. DischargedLew King Ang845 Dupont15 years
90231889Tow Gum Ho (female) Native BornOceanicStranahan, F. E. RemandedTow Bor820 Dupont21 years
90241889Moh Tew Ping (female) Native BornOceanicStranahan, F. E. DischargedMoh Dock Lum801 Dupont 
90251889Chin Lam Yen (female) Native BornCity of SydneyMowry, LymanDischargedChin Doo Kan714 Dupont1868
90261889Yee Jin Yick  Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedYee Sow710 Sacramento1874
90271889Lee You  Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedLee Ngun Ying842 Dupont1878
90281889Lee Ah John Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedKee Yee Yin806 Dupont1869
90291889Lee Ah Ging Native BornCity of SydneyMowry, LymanDischargedLee Fook728 Dupont1875
90301889Dang Choon Yee Native BornCity of SydneyMowry, LymanDischargedDang Yook HoonOver Sam Toy Dupont1866
90311889Wong Ah Gew Native BornCity of SydneyStranahan, F. E. DischargedWong Quock GooeySE corner Sacramento and Dupont22 years
90321889Lee Ah Sik Native BornCity of SydneyRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLee Chuck 19 years
90331889Fong Toong Mow Native BornCity of SydneyRiordan, Thomas DDischargedFong Jin Ock821 Dupont16 years
90341889Lew Bow Kong  Native BornCity of SydneyRiordan, Thomas DDischargedKew Hee Kwoon912 Dupont13 years
90351889Yee Ah Tan  Native BornCity of SydneyRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Ah Gwee794 Dupont22 years
90361889Tom Jin Deaup Native BornCity of SydneyMowry, LymanDischargedTom On Won745 Sacramento1867
90371889Wong Soo Shew Native BornCity of SydneyMowry, LymanDischargedWong Kep751 Sacramento1867
90381889Pang Lem Wing Native BornCity of SydneyMowry, LymanDischargedPang Ng727 Sacramento1861
90391889Wong Ah Kun  Native BornCity of SydneyRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Sai YingWeaverville, Trinity County, CA1877
90401889Jin Ah Yen Native BornCity of SydneyRicketts, AlfredDischargedJin Ah LumPortland, Oregon1867
90411889Lim Ah Toy Native BornCity of SydneyRicketts, AlfredRemandedLim Lip Ock740 Commercial1882
90421889Jew Ah Chow Native BornCity of SydneyRicketts, AlfredDischargedJew Ah Bing806 Sacramento1880
90431889Jow Ah War Native BornCity of SydneyRicketts, AlfredRemandedJow Dow Chung738 Commercial 1867
90441889Chin Ah Fee Native BornCity of SydneyRicketts, AlfredDischargedChin Do Kan639 Jackson1866
90451889Jow Ah Mow Native BornCity of SydneyRicketts, AlfredRemandedJow Lung Chow712 Dupont1870
90471889Jue Tung Pawk Native BornCity of SydneyCross & DensonDischargedJue Ting Mow731 Jackson1871
90491889Wong Gwing Hung Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Ang Mun711 Commercial1871
90501889Ow Yong Boon Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedOw Yong Duck732 Sacramento1864
90511889Kong Suey Heong (female) Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroStranahan, F.E. DischargedKong See845 Dupont22 years
90521889Loui Tuey Hay (female) Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroStranahan, F.E. DischargedLoui Hing Kee620 Dupont21 years
90531889Tow Ging Yee (female) Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroStranahan, F.E. DischargedTow Tng (mother, Tuong She)801 Dupont21 years
90541889Yee Ooey Dung  Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanDischargedYee Jum Jung726 Dupont1868
90551889Yee Soon Slang Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanDischargedYee Tew Fook806 Washington1875
90561889Jeung Jan Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanDischargedJeung Kai YookStockton, California 
90571889Yee Hem Wong  Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanDischargedYee Seng Jung826 Dupont1868
90581889Jew Man Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanDischargedJew Gin Pak816 Dupont1866
90591889Soo Mee Ho (female) Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanRemandedSoo Tng Mow845 Dupont1871
90601889Ip Tai Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanRemandedIp LaiJ Street, Sacramento, California1865
90611889Fong Too Haong (female) Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanDischargedFoong Tong Pak751 Dupont1868
90631889Lim Ah Geow (female) Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedLim Ah Fook733 Commercial23 years
90641889Lew Ah Gim (female) Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedLew Hock Yinglives over firm of Hung Chong & Ow, Sacramento, St20 years
90651889Leong Ah Haw (female) Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedLeong Ting Noon771 Clay23 years
90661889Mack Tai Hoey Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedMack Sing JongNW Corner Jackson and Dupont1874
90671889Chun Ah Yow (female) Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedChun Chong761 Clay1866
90681889Wong Ah Yook (female) Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedWong DooStockton, California 1864
90691889Foong Bow Sing Native BornChinaMowry, LymanRemandedFoong Gim Bor845 Dupont1873
90701889Mack Tai Ho Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedMack Sing JongNW Corner Jackson and Dupont1875
90711889Yep Lung Gow Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYep Fong Gon611 Dupont1868
90721889Leong Yun Po Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLeong Jung One940 Dupont1688
90731889Tung Go Ming Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedDong Quan Dai 743 Sacramento1866
90741889Jew Ah Hop Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedJew Sing Gum 904 Dupont 1865
90751889Jo Jew Native BornChinaBlaney, Edward W. RemandedJo SamMarysville, California 1869
90761889Jo Chop Native BornChinaBlaney, Edward W. DischargedJo Go Goon806 Dupont1869
90771889Toy Gam Bin Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedToy Haut Yin 720 Jackson1868
90781890Wong Bock Hoy Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Song Sick611 Commercial 1868
90791890Lee Ah Gong Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedLee ChinSacramento, California1868
90801890Wong Kin Gin Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedKwong Dock Poy722 Dupont1869
90811890Chun Yook  Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedChun Sen Hong639 Jackson1871
90821890Chun Fook Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanRemandedChun Woh SawSacramento, California1873
90831890Chun Mow Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedChun Woh SawSacramento, California1867
90841890Lee Ah Foon Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanRemandedLee GeeMarysville, California 1863
90851890Lee Ah Gin Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedLee ChinSacramento, California1866
90861890Fong Ah Chooey Native BornBelgicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedFong Yon Ging714 1/2 Dupont1869
90881890Wong Sup Yin Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Chew Cheong751 Sacramento1866
90891890Wong Sick Ghuck  Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Lung Yin728 Dupont1866
90901890Young Nin Ho Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedYoung Joon Sung715 Dupont1868
90911890Yee Toy Ott Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedYee Hee Ping729 Sacramento1874
90921890Yee Chue Goon Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedYee Lin Tim834 Dupont1873
90931890Yee Sooey Toong Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedYee Wing708 Dupont1862
90941890Loui Ah Fot Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedLoui Keong Hok709 Commercial 1868
90951890Wong Chuck Sun  Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Gum Ling911 Dupont1869
90961890Yee Len Toy  Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedYee Wah Chung751 Sacramento1868
90971890Chun Fook Goey Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedChin Fooey Din706 Sacramento1870
90981890Yee Kin Leong Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedYee Mee Jong751 Sacramento1863
90991890Soo Too Bak Hong Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedJoo Hoo Yee Ack 747 Sacramento1871
91001890Gin Loow Gee Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedGim On808 Sacramento1862
91011890Yee Gow Tung Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedYee Lem 828 Dupont1862
91021890Yee Goon Hoey Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedYee Hen723 Sacramento1862
91031890Ang Ah Suey Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedAng Won Yun 741 Commercial1870
91041890Jow Ning Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedJow Yune How712 Dupont1864
91051890Yee Joong Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedYee Mak Joong739 Commercial 1864
91061890Mar Yuen Yow Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanRemandedMar Sic Lum Sacramento, California1871
91071890Lee King Yit Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLee Wing Poy714 Dupont1881
91101890Loui Wing Sing Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedLoui Hook Pon609 Dupont1868
91111890Mah Ah Wah (female) Native BornOceanicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedMah Yin Tock820 Washington1868
91121890Jin Fun Chun Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedJin Gin YanChico, Butte County, California1878
91131890Wong Ah Ming Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Ai LoonNE corner Washington and Dupont1870
91141890Chin Ang Sin Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Moon SoonSE corner Sacramento and Dupont1867
91151890Chin Ah Foon Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Doo ShingSE corner Commercial and Dupont1867
91161890Gee Ah Bow Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedGee Kai Gap826 Dupont1873
91171890Wong Ah Chong Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Kwok SeongSE Corner Clay and Dupont1867
91181890Wong Ah Gan Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Han Chuck722 Dupont1865
91191890Chin Jone Ho (female) Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Sang757 Sacramento21 years
91201890Quan Ling Moy (female) Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedQuon Quock Lim847 Dupont22 years
91211890Bak Goon How (female) Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedBak Hing Ying620 Dupont21 years
91221890Koong Goot Ying (female) Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedKoong Wai714 Dupont21 years
91231890Jeong Gook Ying (female) Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedJeong Ah Ack1000 Dupont21 years
91241890Chin Gook Kai (female) Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Mon761 Clay21 years
91251890Wong Gook Cheong (female) Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedWong Ai SangCorner Dupont and Washington21 years
91261890Lee Toy Gook (female) Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Hing Bo747 Dupont24 years
91271890Mok Jow Yee (female) Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedMock Shin Kwok714 1/2 Dupont21 years
91281890Tom Ah Daung  Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedTom HongNW corner Dupont and Jackson1868
91291890Lai Sit Lock  Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLai Quan Hay609 Jackson22 years
91331890Jong Bok Pong Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroStranahan, F.E. DischargedJong Quock908 Sacramento1866
91341890Young Jow Hang Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroStranahan, F.E. DischargedYoung Wing Kee719 Jackson1874
91351890Jong Foong Fooey Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroStranahan, F.E. DischargedJong Foo808 Sacramento1868
91361890Gee Lang Yow Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedGee Yooey Ngon728 Jackson1869
91371890Gee Bing Fong Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedGee Chung Don716 Dupont1870
91381890Mar Toy Ngook (female) Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanRemandedMar Hung Hing836 Dupont1869
91391890Mack Lin Toy (female) Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanRemanded appealed to Circuit CourtMack Lung Yin828 Dupont1868
91401890Jew Cun Hoe (female) Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanDischargedJew Kwy716 Dupont1868
91411890Lou Mee Toy (female) Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanDischargedLou Shing Doon909 Dupont1869
91421890Tom Quock Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanDischargedTom Yin 751 Sacramento1863
91431890Dung Sup (female) Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanRemanded appealed to Circuit CourtDung Get Chong719 Dupont1868
91441890Lai Yick Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanDischargedLai On 808 Sacramento 1860
91451890Li You  City of Rio de JaneiroBlaney, Edward W. Remanded   
91471890Lee Ling Kow Native BornGaelicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedLee Mun Fat617 Jackson1869
91481890Lee Yut Ho Native BornGaelicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedLee Mun Fat617 Jackson1867
91491890Pang Ken Choo Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanDischargedPang Di Det716 Commercial 1865
91501890Chin Ah Dew Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanDischargedChin PopeNE Corner of Washington and Dupont1862
91511890Lim Git Gaow (female) Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanRemanded appealed to Circuit CourtLim Yung Que705 Dupont1873
91521890Sue Mee Yong (female) Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanDischargedPen Ing Moo722 Dupont1870
91531890Fong Kim Leon (female) Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanRemandedFong Shew Ack NE Corner of Jackson and Dupont1868
91541890Chin Len Toy (female) Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanPetition and writ dismissedChin Goon708 Commercial1868
91551890Leong Lai Yook (female) Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanRemandedLeong Choy639 Jackson1875
91561890Ang Loy Chum (female) Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanRemandedDang Ben824 Dupont1871
91571890Chin Shing Dew (female) Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanRemandedChin HopCity of Sacramento, 310 I Street 1871
91591890Lee Kong Sing Native BornChina Stranahan, F.E. DischargedLee Hung723 Sacramento1867
91601890Yung Ah Ho (female) Native BornChina Blaney, Edward W. Bail exoneratedYung Dot Hin715 Commercial1869
91611890Lee Suey Guon (female) Native BornChina Mowry, LymanRemandedLee Look824 Dupont1868
91631890Ng Ah Let Native BornBelgicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedNg Ah Quong722 Dupont1865
91641890Leong Share Ying  Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLeong Ming Quing714 Commercial22 years
91651890Chin Jung Sing Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Soo Shong710 Commercial 20 years
91661890Lin Ah Ock Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLim Lip Wing719 Clay1869
91671890Jew Ah Loy Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedJew Mon Yook 754 Washington1869
91681890Tom Chow Ong Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedTom Him JongDutch Flat, Placer County, California1867
91691890Yup Choon Wing Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedYup Ng806 Sacramento1858
91701890Mock Tai Wing Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedMock Doo ChinNW corner Jackson and Washington1863
91711890Chin Chong  Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischarged Resident Merchant 
91721890Chin Tai Chooey Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischarged Resident Merchant 
91731890Quan Ah Shee Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedQuan Ming730 Jackson1863
91741890Mar Ah Fong Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedMar Sick Lung717 Commercial 1867
91751890Chica (female) (Japanese) Japanese womanCity of PekingMowry, LymanPetition to dismiss  Japanese Woman 
91761890Shineze Toche (female) (Japanese) Japanese womanCity of PekingMowry, LymanPetition to dismiss Japanese Woman 
91781890Yow Quan Ho (female) Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYow Ho826 Dupont1872
91791890Chin Sing Ock  Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedChing Moon Kee740 Commercial1873
91801890Wong Ah Dic Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Dun Ling906 Dupont1866
91811890Chin Ah Yuen Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Hai Hock722 Dupont1867
91821890Lew Wo Quan Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedLew Kong Sue740 Commercial1866
91831890Lee Ngin Jock  Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedLee Nam1008 Dupont1876
91841890Wong Ah Yee Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedWong Toon Dock San Luis Obispo, California 1876
91851890Sen Chong Quong Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedSen Dot KumStockton, California1872
91861890Lee Kong Chong Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedLee KwySan Jose, California 1874
91871890Yee Ah Gaw Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Fon Wah728 Sacramento1867
91881890Yee Ah Yow Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Ah Fook700 Sacramento1874
91891890Yee Ah Ngow Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Pan On822 Clay1866
91901890Dang Ah Wah Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedDang Mun You936 Dupont1863
91911890Chin Ah Bow Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedChin Ey Fook826 Dupont1864
91921890Yee Ah Sack Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYew Bew Don710 Sacramento1868
91931890Dang Ah Ngoon Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedDang Yick Quan728 Dupont1862
91941890Yee Ah Doo Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Ah Fook741 Sacramento1878
91951890Gee Moon Gow Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedJee Gee Fong728 Dupont1872
91961890Wong Toon Ott Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedWong Dze Foon815 Dupont1873
91971890Gee Too Hing Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedQue Gong815 Dupont1866
91981890Wong Ah Hing Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Wah Lun728 Commercial 1876
91991890Wong Ah Yoe Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Fook Hing1001 Dupont1867
92001890Chin Ah Goy (girl) Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedChin Jeong754 Washington1872
92011890Chin Duck Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedChin Jeong754 Washington1884
92021890Chin Ngow Lin Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedChin Jeong754 Washington1880
92031890Lee Hong Ning Native BornCity of PekingBlaney, Edward W. DischargedLee Wing Pooey728 Dupont1869
92041890Jeong Su Lung Native BornCity of PekingBlaney, Edward W. DischargedJeong Lung Quong806 Dupont1867
92051890Yee Ah Gee Native BornCity of PekingBlaney, Edward W. DischargedYee Po Jung601 Commercial 1869
92061890Ow Ngaw Resident MerchantCity of PekingBlaney, Edward W. Remanded Resident Merchant 
92071890Mar Ah Buck  Native BornCity of PekingBlaney, Edward W. DischargedMar Ben Doon900 Dupont1867
92081890Law Yong Yuen  Native BornCity of PekingBlaney, Edward W. RemandedLaw Wah NongVisalia,California1863
92091890Lee You  Native BornCity of PekingBlaney, Edward W. DischargedLee Go617 Jackson1868
92101890Harm Kee Chi Native BornCity of PekingBlaney, Edward W. Remanded appealed to Circuit CourtHarm Hin Pooey615 Jackson1869
92111890Lee Jeong So Native BornCity of PekingBlaney, Edward W. RemandedLee Wing Gong714 Dupont1870
92121890Mar Gin Far (woman) Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedMar Lung Gee810 Dupont1867
92131890Mar Sue Lin (woman) Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanRemandedMar Shew Lin726 Sacramento1874
92141890Ng Ah Ken  Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedNg Jock Doon514 Washington 
92151890Leong Fon Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedLeong Clury Yick743 Sacramento1868
92161890Wong Fuey Hen  Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Mah Dak824 Dupont1864
92171890Wong Dat Mun  Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Ung Chow823 Dupont1864
92181890Chin Leong Shee (woman) Merchant's wife City of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischarged Merchant's wife 
92191890Jin Shoong Yew Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedJin Mun You451 Sacramento1867
92201890Gee Chung Sik  Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedGee Yooen How810 Dupont1868
92211890Yee Wing Yick  Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Yin Jung623 Dupont1871
92221890Gee Bing Jow Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedGee Chung Bow823 Dupont1875
92231890Wong Ah Lung  Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Bak Lung717 Commercial 1868
92241890Wong Foo Ock Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Kim Fon72 Dupont1868
92251890Fong Ah Jarn Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedFong Shu Teow613 Jackson1864
92261890Lim Bak Toung Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedLim Fat Saw620 Dupont1878
92271890Yee Sare Woo Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedYee Dew Woh731 Commercial1867
92281890Wong Ah Goay Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemandedWong Lin Bar818 Dupont1866
92291890Low Dung Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedLow Tong635 Jackson1864
92301890Shew Mee Yong (female) Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemandedShew Tung Cang722 Dupont1867
92311890Leong Nam Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedLeong GutStockton, California1870
92321890Ow Sew Ching (female) Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemandedOw Wang Gee709 Dupont1869
92331890Wong Tom Fat Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedWong Bak DinDupont and Sacramento1866
92341890Loo Ah Wah Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemandedLoo Loong SingLos Angeles, California1873
92351890Jung Ling Yock  Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedJung Hung706 Dupont 1867
92361890Moh Tong You Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedMoh LimDupont and Washington1865
92371890Lim Wing Lock Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLim Ong819 Washington1867
92381890Jung Hing Suey Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedJung Fam704 Dupont1866
92391890Yee Wing Yin Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedYee Jung Foo728 Sacramento1873
92401890Toey Quock Man Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedToay Mon729 Sacramento1866
92411890Hoo Gee Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedHoo Wing938 Dupont1863
92421890Hong Bin Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Rew826 Dupont1866
92431890Wong Ying Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Kee900 Dupont1868
92441890Yee Tum Due Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. Remanded appealed to Circuit CourtYee Mow806 Washington1867
92451890Gin Goay Sin Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedGin Git QuonSanta Cruz, California1869
92461890Jow Sue Kee Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedJow Fan Soon835 Dupont1867
92471890Gin Ah Yee Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. Petition and writ dismissedGin Sue ShoonDupont and Washington1867
92481890Gin Goey Gwi Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedGin Chong Hay639 Jackson1868
92491890Leong Git Ting Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLeong Dew Ying700 Commercial1868
92501890Jow Ah Wat Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedJow Ming Yot749 Sacramento1668
92511890Jew Ah You Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedJew Sing Dew745 Sacramento1872
92521890Jew Ah Boy Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedJow Hung Ock714 Commercial1868
92531890Jeong Ah Fon Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedJeong Lai714 Commercial1868
92541890Wong Jeong Toy Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedWong You Yow842 Dupont1870
92551890Gin Loui Heong Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedGin Ott Wing611 Jackson1870
92561890Chin Wah Git  Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Jung Ock806 Sacramento1868
92571890Ng Ah Jung Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedNg Moon Hoy1001 Dupont1866
92581890Jong Ah Ling Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedJong Bock DingJackson and Dupont1866
92591890Wong Ah Young Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Gim Ling824 Dupont1867
92601890Jung Yee Sun Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedJung Quong Ting824 Dupont1866
92611890Lew Quock Wing Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLew Sui You818 Dupont1867
92621890Quan Kim Lou (female) Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemandedQuan Ding TungNevada1864
92631890Yee Ah Bong Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedYee Bok Wah724 Commercial1868
92641890Jow Yee Gooey  OceanicRicketts, AlfredDischarged Merchant 
92651890Lee Bong Native BornOceanicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedLeeYo757 Sacramento1864
92661890Lee Wing Ho  OceanicBlaney, Edward W. Discharged Merchant 
92671890Lee Shan Native BornOceanicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedLee Jong816 Dupont1863
92681890Lee Yuen Native BornOceanicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedLee Sino Hop711 Dupont1865
92691890Lee Quan Dy Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanDischargedLee Hee SoonPortland, Oregon1866
92701890Quan Ah Moy (female) Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedQuan Kee Yung801 Dupont1867
92711890Gong Min Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedGong Gow641 Jackson1865
92721890Lew Fun Wing Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLew Hin Fee620 Dupont1878
92731890Lew Share Yin Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLew Hin Fee620 Dupont1875
92741890Lim Kee Shong Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLim Lip Ock806 Washington1867
92751890Yee Gim Ngoon Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Suey Jung621 Dupont1869
92761890Yee Jee Nooey Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Jung Bew826 Dupont1868
92771890Yee Ah Git Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Sin Wah704 Dupont1867
92781890Yee Jung Yook Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Li Wah724 Commercial1865
92791890Yee Him Hung Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Jing Gim 900 Dupont1868
92801890Yee Din Tung Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Li806 Sacramento1868
92811890Yee Jow Yow  Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee San Wah705 Dupont1873
92821890Lee Ah Gong Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredDischargedLee Gan Quong714 Dupont1863
92831890Wong Quay Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Wah Jin613 Jackson1867
92841890Jow Ah Leom Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredDischargedJow Sin Fook639 Jackson1866
92851890Wong Wah Deok Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Dit SaiPortland, Oregon1876
92861890Jow Ah Bin Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredDischargedJow Suey Win823 Dupont1867
92871890Jew Ah Yong  Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanDischargedJew Ie HorKnight's Ferry, Stanislaus Count y1872
92881890Chin Ah Ching Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanRemandedChin LumSan Jose, California 1873
92891890Jew Ah Go Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanRemandedJew Sear SeeChinese Camp1871
92901890Lee Gin Wah Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanDischargedLee Goey ChoonTruckee, California1877
92911890Mar Gooey Git Merchant resident City of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanDischarged Dutch Flat, Placer County, California 
92921890Lee Ah Hoon Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroStranahan, F.E. DischargedLee Sing764 Washington1868
92931890Lee Toong Gim  Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Fook700 Jackson1870
92941890Lee Gan Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroStranahan, F.E. DischargedLee Fook Bo826 Dupont1865
92951890Chin Ah Ying (female) Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroBlaney, Edward W. DischargedChin Mun Yee700 Dupont1868
92971890Loui Share Gin Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLoui Yot Sing907 Dupont1874
92981890Ang Toy Fawn Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedAng Yooey Ngap727 Clay1874
92991890Lee Gin Yook Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLee Ming Hew742 Commercial1870
93001890Loui Share Yung Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLoui Ling Hock709 Commercial 1869
93011890Lew Share Jeong Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLew Shung Yung714 Dupont1876
93021890Lew Gong Ming Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLew Shung Gung714 Dupont1875
93031890Lim Sare Loon Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanDischargedLim Hock Sing708 Commercial1865
93041890Wong Din Shing Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanDischargedWong Gow Teo826 Dupont1868
93051890Chin Shin Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Sang735 Sacramento1867
93061890Loo Yee Leong Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLoo Ming Ging710 Commercial 1868
93071890Goo Koon Lan  Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedGoo Ging Chong731 Sacramento1870
93081890Chin Lin Chuck  Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Shing Git751 Sacramento1872
93091890Chin Har Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Moon Sing765 Clay1872
93101890Wong Kwai Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Bo826 Dupont1863
93111890Chin Hung Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Kee Yow819 Dupont1867
93121890Wong Song Hee Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Woey TuiSE corner Commercial and Dupont1866
93131890Wong Chow Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedSong Mee Foon729 Sacramento1869
93141890Young Fook Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedYoung Chee Sing723 Sacramento1869
93151890Young Sing Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedYoung Ho Mee808 Sacramento1876
93161890Wong Kee Toy Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Dic Wo726 Sacramento1873
93171890Wong Wing Mow Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong KwongNE Dupont and Washington1867
93181890Ng Goey Sam  Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedNg Ah GitSE Dupont and Jackson1868
93191890Tom Ah Long Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanDischargedTom Gooey Gow728 Dupont1868
93201890Yong Nim  Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanDischargedYong Tim1000 Dupont1876
93211890Tom Ah Fat Native BornGaelicMowry, Lyman Tom Schuck Diep1024 Battery1874
93221890Jew Ah Law Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanDischargedJew Quong Yow828 Washington1867
93231890Tom Ah Jong Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanDischargedTom Yin Shun708 Sacramento1866
93241890Tom Ah Shang Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanDischargedTom Gar Gim620 Dupont1867
93251890Lee Ah Ung Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanDischargedLee Kung1008 Dupont1874
93261890Yong Bow  Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanDischargedYong Tim1000 Dupont1875
93271890Wong Nam Chung Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischarged   
93281890Wong Ah Yick Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Nam ChungWeaverville, Trinity County, CA12 years
93291890Jow Chuck How Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedJow Wah Shuck719 Commercial1867
93301890Leong Jow Yin Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredRemandedLeong DunYreka, Siskiyou County, CA1876
93311890Wong Ah Mow Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Yan FonChico, Butte County, California1865
93321890Jee Ah Woo Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedJee Lin Chung709 Commercial 1869
93331890Lee Quan Native BornGaelicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedLee Gee Git842 Dupont1866
93341890Lee Hee Native BornGaelicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedLee Hooey Gip728 Dupont1867
93351890Lai Yow Native BornGaelicMowry, Lyman    
93371890Lien Sen Native BornChinaMowry, LymanWrit and Petition dismissedLien Goong712 Dupont1867
93381890Hoo Sic Yee Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedHoo Jin Goong730 Commercial1874
93391890Soo Too Bing Quay Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedSoo Too Hin Jin723 Sacramento1874
93401890Hoo Sic Chew  Native BornChinaMowry, LymanRemandedHoo Jin Goong730 Commercial1869
93411890Ly Show Ying Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLy Ging Yick751 Sacramento1869
93421890Yup Lung Sat Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYup Gan Fong715 Dupont1865
93431890Yup Sung Kay Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYup Gwee Hop613 Dupont1868
93441890Yup Moon Ong Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYup Fong Gwee933 1/2 Dupont1868
93451890Ly Lou Gong Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLy Koon Leong717 Dupont1869
93461890Ly Ling Sing Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLy Wing Yong909 Dupont1870
93481890Hom Ah Hop Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedTom Gook Gooey820 Dupont1869
93491890Lee Git Tung  Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedLee Ngin2 Washington Alley 1864
93501890Jeung Hoey Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedJeung Hin Sing1015 1/2 Stockton1867
93511890Jew Ngee Native BornChinaMowry, Lyman Jow Gum HinCarson, Nevada 1876
93521890Lee Quee Native BornChinaBlaney, Edward W. DischargedLee Hin Fan716 Dupont1866
93531890Wong Gum  Native BornChinaBlaney, Edward W. RemandedWong Chooey728 Dupont1865
93541890Lo You Native BornChinaBlaney, Edward W. RemandedLo Yin814 Clay 1867
93551890Wong Dow Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Gook Teong826 Dupont1869
93561890Lum Bing Ying Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedLum Goey Lip809 Sacramento1875
93571890Lee Chow Tin Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedLee Bing NamNE corner Washington and Dupont1866
93581890Chin Mong Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Jock LeongSE corner Sacramento and Dupont1866
93591890Wong Woo Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Man GanLewiston, Idaho1864
93601890Lee Gin Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedLee Gin FookPortland, Oregon1870
93611890Lum Toong Resident MerchantChinaStranahan, F.E. Discharged   
93621890Wong Koong Sing Resident MerchantChinaStranahan, F.E. Petition Dead   
93631890Lum Bock Sing Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedLum Ni Lip812 Dupont1876
93641890Ow Tin Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedOw Sing815 Washington1862
93651890Moy Fook Ting Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedMoy Dung Hing739 Commercial 1870
93661890Hoey Fook Sam  Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedHoey Fook Sum737 Sacramento1870
93671890Goo Quock Wing Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedGoo Quock735 Sacramento1870
93681890Chin Ah Lin Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Ah Lin725 Sacramento1870
93691890Lee Ah Que Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedLee Ah Que712 Dupont1868
93701890Wong Goon Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedWong Fook Chew900 Dupont1864
93711890Wong Wing Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Gook NonSE corner Sacramento and Dupont1872
93721890Lum Hung Soon Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedLum Lip Huey735 Sacramento1872
93731890Lee Bok Fook Native BornChinaRicketts, AlfredRemandedLee Lung Sung825 Dupont1865
93741890Wong Ah Toy Native BornChinaRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Sai Ying812 Dupont1864
93751890Wong Yin Fee Native BornChinaRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Seung Yen813 Dupont1863
93761890Wong Wing Moy Native BornChinaRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Hen Jin712 Dupont1866
93771890Ow Lun Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedOw BockCortland, Oregon1866
93781890Loui Kwai Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedLoui Chuck823 Dupont1864
93791890Wong Loy Hing Native BornChinaMowry, LymanPetition DeadWong Shang714 Dupont1869
93801890Wong Fook Gooey Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedWong Wing832 Washington1866
93811890Yep Jin Let  Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYep Gan Ock611 Dupont1868
93821890In Chun Cook (female) Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYin Hing Wah742 Sacramento1869
93831890Jew Dung Cook (female) Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedJew Chung Sow717 Commercial 1869
93841890Noy Hung Yot Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedMoy Ni Yin716 Dupont1870
93851890Moy Wah Suey Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedMoy Di Sow819 Dupont1873
93861890Moy Lan Kee Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DLanded by Customs HouseMoy Yow Gan625 Dupont1870
93871890Leong Ah Yin Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLeong Gim Sue710 Commercial 1868
93881890Chin Ah Ock  Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Hong Suey 735 Sacramento1866
93891890Leow Ah Bow Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLeow Sing Tin806 Sacramento1867
93901890Leong Jin Fot Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLeong Hung Ying712 Dupont1868
93911890Lee Young Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Due Fook717 Commercial 1864
93921890Ng Quan Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedNg You FookSE corner Sacramento and Dupont1862
93931890Lee You Gin Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischarged 650 Jackson 1866
93941890Wong Ah Yick Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Ah Bong911 Dupont1868
93951890Leow Kong Jow Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedLeow Way Gan722 Dupont1863
93961890Low Sun Kwy (female) Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedLow Hock Ching 709 Dupont 
93971890Tom Ming Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedTom Quan Fook826 Dupont1868
93981890Wong Ah Tin Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedWong You Hin614 Jackson1872
93991890Chun Ah Chong Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedChun Mow NamSacramento, California1864
94001890He Ah Gut Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedHe Sin704 Jackson1872
94011890Jeung Ah Kwy Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedJung QuanCarson, Nevada 1865
94021890Young Hung Git Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedYoung Hon Gong707 Dupont1869
94031890Young Fook Sing Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedYoung Hong Non723 Sacramento1859
94041890Wong Ah Tin Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Yin Tuck729 Commercial 1872
94051890Lum Toon Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLum Gook KewSE corner Commercial and Dupont1868
94061890Young Ting Goong Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedYoung Soon Fong723 Sacramento1862
94071890Lee Jeong Native BornBelgicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedLee Goon Chee811 Dupont1866
94081890Yip Woo Native BornBelgicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedYip Hin Foo741 Commercial 1866
94091890Lo Ah Wing  Native BornBelgicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedLo Mun On 617 Dupont1867
94101890Lee Ho Native BornBelgicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedLee Ming Yung 714 Dupont1875
94111890Tom Ah Shoon Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedTam Foong I718 Dupont1869
94121890Soo Hoo Hung Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanRemandedSoo Hoo Ging How828 Washington1867
94131890Jeung Ah Jeung Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedJeung Him Jung 620 Dupont1868
94141890Tom Ah Tai Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedHom Tai Ack808 Sacramento1866
94151890Jew Ah Yuen  Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanRemandedJew My Huen726 Dupont1867
94161890Yung Ming Jin Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedYung Gwing635 Jackson1873
94171890Fong Lin Gim alias Fong Bing Suey  Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedFong Schuck 744 Washington1865
94181890Hoey Ah Lee Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedHoey You822 Dupont1868
94191890Hoey Ake Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedHoey Fook726 Dupont1875
94201890Wong Ah Him Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedDong Ling Ack 731 Sacramento1867
94211890Chin Quong  Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Jun Pong 745 Sacramento1864
94241890Yip Yo Wah Native BornCity of PekingBlaney, Edward W. DischargedYip Shee Chong813 Dupont1867
94251890Wong John Native BornCity of PekingBlaney, Edward W. DischargedWong Fat716 Dupont1868
94261890Yee Lim Fung Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Jow Jung728 Sacramento1871
94271890Lee Ah Gan Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedLoui Hock Sick 757 Clay1867
94281890Wong Look Dark Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Hen GanLos Angeles, California1864
94291890Wong Wah Yun Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Doy Hen900 Dupont1866
94301890Fong Jing War Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedFong Gook You650 Jackson 1874
94311890Tom Ah Wah Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedTom Ah Wy728 Dupont1873
94321890Quan Yung Yin Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedQuan Hing716 Dupont1867
94331890Jeung Bing Yin Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedJeung You Toy716 Dupont1867
94341890Wong Ah Yot Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedWong Teung Sen 754 Washington1868
94351890Jew Ah Heng Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedJew Gen Suey 822 Washington1868
94361890Tom Ah Jeong Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedTom Suey Yick 747 Sacramento1863
94371890Jeung Im Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedJeung Si KowDutch Flat, Placer County, California1863
94381890Jeung Yook Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedJeung Mow732 Sacramento1862
94391890Goon Gin Suey Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. Remanded appealed to Circuit CourtGoon Fong Shoy765 Clay1867
94401890Chin Shong Hane Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Sloong Hock712 Dupont1870
94411890Chin Ging Jow Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Jock Yan826 Dupont1870
94421890Chin Shew Wing Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Doey Gee735 Sacramento1870
94431890Chin Dung Goey Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Gee Sick806 Washington1868
94441890Lew Hin Shim Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedLew Wing Quock 900 Jackson1864
94451890Pong Suey Chong Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedPong Yuey Koon819 Dupont1864
94461890Pong Ah Gow Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedPong Yuey Fong900 Dupont 1869
94471890Wong Jong Koon Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Gip HingSE corner Commercial and Dupont1869
94481890Chin Som Ock Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Yin Gook826 Dupont1865
94491890Leong Jim Kee Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedLeong Lum Ling704 Sacramento1864
94511890Ie Leong Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedIe HonChong705 Dupont1866
94521890Ie Ah Fong Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemandedIe Choy700 Sacramento1864
94531890Ie Gong Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedIe Hor Chong705 Dupont1865
94541890Chun Ging (female) Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedChun Gwong Sing727 Sacramento1858
94551890Jeung Gum (female) Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedJeung Yong GitGlobe Hotel, San Francisco1878
94561890Yong Im Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedYong Gah WahLos Angeles, California1866
94571890Loui Ah Seong Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedLoui Nin1008 Dupont1876
94581890Ie Ah Im Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedIe He Pung822 Clay Street1865
94591890Gum Sen Sing Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedGum Sing Mon909 Dupont1867
94601890You Gee Haw Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedYou Tou Foy945 Dupont1867
94611890Wong Goon Sam Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Toy Hing800 Dupont1875
94621890Wong Ah Loon Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Yet838 Dupont1875
94631890Chin Chee Ock Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Wing Yin900 Dupont1870
94641890Chin Som Cheong Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Goey Sing 827 Dupont1867
94651890Chin Ah Foo Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Leong Quong826 Dupont1869
94661890Chin Hung Dip  Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Wing823 Dupont1866
94671890Chin Nom Yow Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Lew Hop712 Dupont1870
94681890Loui Ah Sit Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLoui Sing You741 Sacramento1868
94691890Chin Shew Look Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Moon Shin813 Dupont1868
94701890Jew Ah Young Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedJew Gin Wee714 Commercial1868
94711890Loui Ah Nom  Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLoui Wee Ging725 Dupont1868
94721890Chin Gin Wee Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Gee War900 Dupont1870
94731890Moy Toy Nai Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedMoy Sin Yow716 Dupont1866
94741890Wong Woh Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedWong Moon745 Commercial 1868
94751890Yee Gim Tang Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Gim Wah724 Commercial1868
94761890Wong Fook Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedWong Tin639 Jackson1863
94771890Wong Bow Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedWong ChoonSE corner Sacramento and Dupont1863
94781890Wong Man Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedWong On818 Dupont1868
94791890Wong Heong Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedWong Goon826 Dupont1869
94801890Yee Yin Dock  Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Bew Shew741 Sacramento1864
94811890Yee Ben Kan Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Hop Wah724 Commercial1866
94821890Jung Leong Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedJung Sing Chun836 Dupont1867
94831890Chin Lee Moon Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedChin Jee635 Jackson1865
94841890Ng Soon Pok Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedNg Yee Yan 820 Dupont1870
94851890Ng Woh Wing Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedNg Wing Gar829 Dupont1875
94861890Jow Ngon Toy (female) Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedJow Bock Show709 Commercial 1869
94871890Gee Chun Native BornOceanicLande, EdwardRemandedGee War823 Dupont1868
94881890Jung Ah Chung Native BornOceanicLande, EdwardRemandedJung Cum620 Dupont1865
94891890Wong Foo Native BornOceanicLande, EdwardRemandedWong Quay735 Sacramento1863
94901890Leong Kee Native BornOceanicLande, EdwardPetition DeadLeong Chong823 Dupont1868
94911890Jung Ah Dung Native BornOceanicLande, EdwardRemandedJung Chong You743 Sacramento1864
94921890Yee King Native BornOceanicLande, EdwardRemandedYee Fook Shew702 Sacramento1866
94931890Wong Set Yee Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Dok Lim806 Dupont1870
94941890Wong Ngun Hen Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Yuen Gim 730 Commercial1864
94951890Wong You Way Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Yen Gim 729 Dupont1863
94961890Wong Bak Hen  Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Fon Doop719 Commercial1867
94971890Wong Lee Dock Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Ngow927 Dupont1881
94981890Hoo Bor Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedHoo Dock Mook823 Dupont1868
94991890Hoo Mah Nuey Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedHoo Sam810 Dupont1876
95001890Lee Foon Native BornOceanicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedLee Hing Sum 728 Dupont1866
95011890Ng Hing You Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroBlaney, Edward W. RemandedNg Hong714 1/2 Dupont1868
95021890Fong Tsu Keong Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedFong Gook Yow805 Dupont1869
95031890Loui Gooey Han  Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredDischargedLoui Yuen Tong709 Commercial1869
95041890Fong Gow Newy Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredDischargedFong You Leong715 Commercial 1867
95051890Lee Ah Chong Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedLee Yow Hock 812 Dupont1870
95061890Poon Sin Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanDischargedPong Chong628 Jackson1864
95071890Chun Chin Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanDischargedChun Kai1001 Dupont1865
95081890Ng Ack Ou Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroMowry, LymanDischargedNg Chee Chung731 Commercial1862
95091890Wong Ah Mow Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroStranahan, F.E. RemandedWong Ah Soon820 Dupont 
95101890Moy Ah Teong Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroStranahan, F.E. DischargedMoy Oy You740 Commercial 1866
95111890Moy Han Ni Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroStranahan, F.E. RemandedMoy Goey You731 Sacramento1868
95121890Tom Ah Sun Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroStranahan, F.E. DischargedTom Ming712 Dupont1872
95131890Jee Ah Gong Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedJee Yooey Song742 Commercial 1868
95141890Jee Ah King  Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedJee Ki Pang754 Washington1871
95151890Toy Yow Ton  Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedToy Po Yick 715 Sacramento 1870
95181890Lee Hay (female) Native BornCity of PuebloStranahan, F.E. DischargedLee Tin Poy714 Dupont1878
95191890Lee Wah Native BornCity of PuebloStranahan, F.E. DischargedLee Tin Poy714 Dupont1875
95201890Lee Heong (female) Native BornCity of PuebloStranahan, F.E. DischargedLee Tin Poy714 Dupont1880
95211890Mar Shair Lock Native BornGaelicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedMar Sit Gong717 Clay1867
95221890Gee Ah Fook Native BornGaelicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedGee Hoy Suey738 Commercial 1866
95231890Mar Fat Native BornGaelicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedMar Bing Dun722 Dupont1868
95241890Wong Ah Sing Native BornGaelicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedWong Hen Young1001 Dupont1867
95251890Yorn Ah Thin Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredRemandedYorn Bok Loy716 Commercial 1869
95261890Wong Ah Haw Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Yuen Lee733 Jackson1871
95271890Wong Ah Jum Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWing Yee Chow712 Dupont1869
95281890Liew Ah Doon Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredRemandedLiew Hock Tan615 Jackson1869
95291890Wong Ah Hoy Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Han Fan824 Dupont1881
95301890Wong Tong Sing Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Gang Ai835 Dupont1864
95311890Chew Wing Yort Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedChew Man Hin 622 Jackson1862
95321890Jung Ah My Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredRemandedJong Chong Tea706 Dupont 1869
95331890Ng Ah Kee Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. RemandedNg Wing Fung 714 Commercial1874
95341890Chin Ah You Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Soon Yan747 Commercial26
95351890Lee Ah Kwong Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Wah706 Sacramento14
95361890Lee Ah Bit Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLee You808 Sacramento16
95371890Ng Ah Ang Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. RemandedNg Hung Han712 Dupont22
95381890Chin Gin Fook Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Gee Oy754 Washington24
95391890Dong Dun Chong Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedDong Yook Yee714 Commercial22
95401890Chin Dong Goey Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Dong Goey737 Sacramento22
95411890Chow Ah Poy Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChow Sing706 Dupont 22
95421890Chow Ah Seong Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChow Lum Bing704 Dupont20
95431890Lim Ah Young Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLim Quong754 Washington23
95441890Lee Ah Jing Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLee Fook Sing700 Jackson16
95451890Ding Loong Hing Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedDing Dot Yow761 Clay1863
95461890Lee Sun  Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLee HingEureka, California 1864
95471890Lum Gang Ho Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLum Kee HingVentura, California1869
95481890Yee Bock Hoy Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedYee Bock HoyGlobe Hotel, San Francisco1870
95491890Loui Dew Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanDischargedLoui Hock Yung 409 Commercial1870
95501890Jung Toong Woon Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanRemandedJung Sing Mow751 Sacramento1877
95511890Lim Ah Nang Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanRemandedLim Bing Fum1001 Dupont1867
95521890Mak Ah Heong Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedMak Poo Ting729 Commercial 1865
95531890Ang Ngon Sang Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedAng Gong Yit709 Commercial 1869
95541890Wong Ning Yung Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedWong Shoon Goon809 Dupont1870
95551890Lim Ah Chee Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredRemandedLim Wing Gar837 Dupont1869
95561890Wong Ah Woo Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Mee Shee712 Dupont1871
95571890Wong Ah Him  Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Yee Min726 Sacramento1870
95581890Wong Ah Hing Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Gwing Toy806 Sacramento1864
95591890Chin Daok Hack Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredRemandedChin Bock Shung725 Sacramento1866
95601890Look Chick Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredRemandedLook Fong709 Commercial 1865
95611890Chin Ah Kee Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredRemandedChin Mon826 Dupont1875
95621890Chin Kan Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredRemandedChin Hoy940 Dupont1867
95631890Leong Ah Gap Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLeong Wing709 Commercial 1869
95641890Lim Ah Chee Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLin Gin709 Dupont1868
95651890Soo Yow Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedSoo MingPortland, Oregon1867
95661890Lim Ah Mun Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanRemandedLim Ack Chow627 Dupont1876
95671890Chung Wen Soo Native BornGaelicSchaertzer, Henry C.RemandedJeong Ah Yuen New York1874
95681890Ng Park Wing Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. RemandedNg Kew Foo743 Commercial 1869
95691890Lew Lum Quong Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLew FookSacramento, California1865
95701890Jew Yin Leung Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedJew Kee Gong751 Sacramento1867
95711890Jow Leong Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedJow Yin Chong771 Clay1865
95721890Gee Yung Dock  Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedGee Wong Wy625 Jackson1869
95731890Loui Gooey Hor Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLoui Wee Fong 739 Sacramento1868
95741890Wah Hee Native BornGaelicSchaertzer, Henry C.RemandedJue Dun We761 Clay1877
95751890Jue Ga Tin Native BornGaelicSchaertzer, Henry C.RemandedJue Lung DuckClay Street1869
95761890Jue Mow Dock  Native BornGaelicSchaertzer, Henry C.DischargedJue Gong Seung731 Jackson1877
95771890Hom Wing Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. RemandedHom Yue Ting717 Commercial 1864
95781890Chin Quock Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Cheung826 Dupont1868
95791890Yee Wing Dung Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. RemandedYee Bue Yook936 Dupont 
95801890Yee Pong Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. DischargedYee Let Jeong712 Dupont1874
95811890Lum Poon Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLep YowOakland, California 
95821890Soo Hoo Yot Sue Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedSoo Hoo Nee Wah800 Dupont1878
95831890Jee Sue Din Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedGee Goon Que873 Dupont1868
95841890Gee Foong Hock  Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedGee Kee Gooey763 Clay1872
95851890Gee King Gong Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedGee Gong Que812 Dupont1875
95861890Yee You Mong Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Doon Ow 721 Dupont1877
95871890Moy See Jung Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedWoy Wy Yuen 743 Commercial 1873
95881890Wong Ah Quong Native BornChinaBlaney, Edward W. DischargedWong Teng Ying 818 Dupont1867
95891890Mar Ah Goon Native BornChinaBlaney, Edward W. DischargedMar Moon Hen 707 Jackson1874
95901890Wong Ah Hoy Native BornChinaBlaney, Edward W. DischargedWong Wing Yuen 769 Clay1870
95911890Ng Ah Ling Native BornChinaBlaney, Edward W. DischargedNg Wah Foon639 Jackson1868
95921890Leong Ah Sing  Native BornChinaRicketts, AlfredRemandedLeong Bong Tow724 Commercial1868
95931890Dong Yick  Native BornChinaRicketts, AlfredDischargedDong Gay Leong1017 Dupont1863
95941890Leong Horn Toon  Native BornChinaRicketts, AlfredRemandedLeong Share Nowy801 Dupont1869
95951890Wong Ah Ock  Native BornChinaRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Nguey Yow724 Dupont1870
95961890You Buck Native BornChinaRicketts, AlfredRemandedYow Yuen Hai746 Commercial 1868
95971890Jung Mar How Native BornChinaRicketts, AlfredRemandedJoong Sing 719 Sacramento1872
95981890Wong You Kee Native BornChinaRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Gwong707 Dupont1871
95991890You Ick Native BornChinaRicketts, AlfredRemandedYou Mun Hing712 Dupont1872
96001890Chin Leong Native BornChinaRicketts, AlfredDischargedChin Gow War826 Dupont1875
96011890Chin Chee Foon Native BornChinaRicketts, AlfredDischargedChin Ngin 727 Sacramento1872
96021890Lew Horn Jun Native BornChinaRicketts, AlfredRemandedLew Yet Hing 716 Dupont1870
96031890Chun Dock Yow Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedChun Sing 819 Dupont1867
96041890Lim Noey Dong Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedLim Gim 735 Washington1865
96051890Gin Leong Leow Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedGin Yin Hing 842 Dupont1866
96061890Young Teong Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedYoung Quong WittPortland, Oregon1867
96071890Young Chung Nuey Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedYoung Quong823 1/2 Washington1865
96081890Yee Ging Lee  Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedYee Hing Jung639 Jackson1866
96091890Lee Gum Jing Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedLee Wee729 Sacramento1876
96101890Young Lin Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. Petition DeadYoung Yick Mai716 Pacific 1864
96111890Young Gim  Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. Remanded appealed to Circuit CourtYoung Yin Sing731 Sacramento1866
96121890Wong Wa Foo Native BornChinaMowry, LymanRemandedWong Bak Chung1001 Dupont1866
96131890Jung Fat Cheong Native BornChinaMowry, LymanRemandedJung Bing Chaek728 Dupont1866
96141890Ho Yong (female) Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedHo Wing Hung737 Washington1868
96151890Ng Toy Hing Native BornChinaMowry, LymanRemandedNg Ping On728 Dupont1866
96161890Wong Lim Ack Native BornChinaMowry, LymanRemandedWong Tsz Dewey728 Dupont1867
96171890Lum Suey Cheong Native BornChinaMowry, LymanRemandedLum One Gum 1008 Dupont1877
96181890Look Jim Yin Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedLook Shear DyNW Corner Jackson and Dupont1875
96191890Look Hay Sing Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedLook Shear DyNW Corner Jackson and Dupont1874
96201890Yee Ah Moy Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedYee Lin Din Red Bluff, Tehama County, California1866
96211890Tom Ping Leaum Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedTom Aw Foon836 Dupont1868
96221890Leong Chow On Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedLeong Ack Marysville, Yuba County, California1865
96231890Wong Quoon Sin Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedWong Shoon Red Bluff, Tehama County, California1869
96241890Lee Tong Jew Native BornChinaMowry, LymanDischargedLee FooMarysville, Yuba County, California1864
96251890Soo Hoo Ack Lin Native BornChinaMowry, LymanPetition DeadLoo Hoo Kwy822 Dupont1867
96261890Chin Ah Wing Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Sai Dong714 Commercial1868
96271890Wong Ah Toon Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedWong Shew731 Sacramento1869
96281890Gee Ah Kee  Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedGee Yuey Bew823 Dupont1876
96291890Hom Tung You Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedHom Ing Jew816 Dupont1871
96301890Look Ah Jow Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedLook Yee Suey1000 Dupont1869
96311890Dea Toy Tung Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedDea Koey Jew754 Washington1878
96321890Hom Ah Tow Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedHom Ging Kin728 Dupont1872
96331890Jow Bock Ling Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedJow You On728 Dupont1869
96341890Chin Ying Goon Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Fook742 Commercial1864
96351890Chin Ah Quon Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Gee Yin710 Commercial 1871
96361890Ang Chew Ung Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedAng Gip Koon701 Dupont1871
96371890Leow Ah Gee Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedLeow Chock Shin712 Dupont1865
96381890Jow Chew Gin Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedJow Sing Wo639 Jackson1865
96391890Lee Wee Chew Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Gep Chooey712 Dupont1870
96401890Chin Ah Wee Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Moon Foo845 Dupont1868
96411890Wong Ah Quan Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedWong Ging Moon843 Washington1869
96421890Chin Ah Hing Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Shoon Hop737 Sacramento1869
96431890Him Ah Doon Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedHom Ging Chee711 Commercial1871
96441890Ang Ah Fong Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedAng Moon Quong625 Dupont1872
96451890Quon Quock Lai Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. DischargedQuan Ging YowNW Corner Dupont and Washington1867
96461890Loui Ping Nom Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. RemandedLoui Gim Yin728 Dupont1867
96471890Dong Li Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedDong Yook627 Dupont1867
96481890Yee Noon Jung or Joong Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DRemandedYee Quee Jung714 Sacramento1869
96491890Yee Dung Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DRemandedYee Shie Jung730 Sacramento1869
96501890Yee Him Wah Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas D Yee Don Jung751 Sacramento1867
96511890Yee Yee Shung Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas D Yee Ling Beow751 Sacramento1861
96521890Yee Yee Wing Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas D Yee Leong Jung716 Dupont1865
96531890Yee Gim Jung Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Beow Ding630 Dupont1860
96541890Yee Foon Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas D Yee Chee Jung936 Dupont1869
96551890Hom Wah Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DRemandedHom Wah745 Sacramento1865
96561890Soo Hoo How Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedSoo Hoo Mun Geong723 Sacramento1866
96571890Yee Ngoon Native BornChinaRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Toy Jung842 Dupont1866
96581890Toy Ah Geong Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. Writ returnedToy Yick Ngow625 Dupont1875
96591890Toy Ah Foon Native BornChinaStranahan, F.E. Writ returnedToy Quong Yick 900 Dupont1875
96601890Loui Hung Yin Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanRemandedLoui Way YunSan Jose, California 1872
96611890Yee Jeuck Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedYee Hip FoonVirginia City, Nevada1872
96621890Wong Ben Heom Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Len Bow823 Dupont1877
96631890Jow Ah Hong Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedJow Gaow714 Dupont1868
96641890Liew Mun Dock  Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedLiew Way Ben847 Dupont1867
96651890Wong Yuen  Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Win Ock318 Commercial1876
96661890Wong Ah Toy Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Lung FookSacramento, California1873
96671890Ng Ah Dock  Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedNg Hung Gip725 Dupont1867
96681890Jin Mee Yow Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedJin Wing Git823 Dupont1868
96691890Fong Wing Heom  Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedFong Gar Poy751 Sacramento1869
96701890Lee Mun Tong Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedLee Lung Ai806 Washington1866
96711890Jin Ah Jow Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedJin Wing Jun615 1/2 Jackson1868
96721890Wong Ah Gwong Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Mow Chung644 Commercial1875
96731890Quan Ah Yuen Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedQuan Quock Que806 Washington1873
96741890Jin Ah Ock Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedJin Wing Ping639 Jackson1872
96751890Jin Sing Teong Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedJin Yick Lip739 Commercial 1870
96761890Fong Ah Man Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedFong Jow Toy728 Dupont1869
96771890Yorn Ah Fat Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedYorn Fong Wah722 Dupont1869
96781890Lim Ah Hop Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanPetition DeadLim Ack Fon714 Dupont1867
96791890Fong Jow Hin Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanPetition DeadFong Schuck 741 Commercial 1868
96801890Wong Lun Schuck Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanRemandedWong Shear Nuey728 Dupont1865
96811890Wong Gooey Toy Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanRemandedWong Yut Gong728 Dupont1865
96821890Wong Hen Suey Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWing Wah Jung726 Dupont1877
96831890Lee Poon Ngip Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLee Dot Ying 730 Sacramento1866
96841890Yee Yook Jung Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Hee PoyMarysville, Yuba County, California1862
96851890Yin Ah Chut Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYing Ing Gum900 Dupont1865
96861890Leong Gwong Ho Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedLeong Ho FooSacramento, California1874
96871890Young Shew Bun Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYoung Chow689 Jackson1866
96881890Loui Ah Git Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedLoui Hin Choy702 Jackson1862
96891890Jang Moo Chun Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedTang Wy1018 1/2 Stockton1872
96901890Hom Wing Din Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedHom Ock Goon812 Dupont1874
96911890Hom Gim Wing Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedHom Moon Jung820 Washington1874
96921890Jee Ho Hing Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedJee Kee Sue728 Dupont1876
96931890Young Ah Chin Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLee Pow754 Washington1886
96941890Leong Hing Gee Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLeong Wo730 Sacramento1866
96951890Fong Gwock Sing Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedFong Chong724 Commercial1866
96961890Hom Tai Sing Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedHom Hee Gim620 Dupont1875
96971890Hom Wing Ock  Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedHom Ah Gun745 Sacramento1868
96981890Hom Sue Don  Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedHom Hee Seong721 Commercial1863
96991890Hom Jeong Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedHom Hung Sing627 Dupont1866
97001890Lee Ah Look Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Sue826 Dupont 1871
97011890Chin Quan Gin Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Ock Loy714 1/2 Dupont1870
97021890Chin Ah Quong Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Ai Moon754 Washington1869
97031890Loui Ah Wee Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLoui Hock Fee735 Sacramento1869
97041890Gin Wing King Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedGin Chung Hay842 Dupont1869
97051890Hoot Ah Toy Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedHoot Gin806 Washington1871
97061890Chin Ah Gin Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Moon Gick717 Clay1870
97071890Chin Hung Goon Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChin Foon Gee712 Dupont1875
97081890Chin Wah Ying Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Song Hock1001 Dupont1871
97091890Chin Ung Jung Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Tang739 Commercial 1871
97101890Chin Tai Fook Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Quong Dang724 Commercial1869
97111890Chin Koon How Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Ying Wah704 Dupont1871
97121890Hang Chee Fook Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedHong Fong Goon823 Dupont1866
97131890Lee Ah Hung Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Fook On722 Sacramento1871
97141890Lee Ah See Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Wing819 Dupont1873
97151890Lee Hung See Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Sic KwongChico, California1876
97161890Tow Ling Teong Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedTow Foo Yee735 Sacramento1871
97171890Fong Ah Toon Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanRemandedFong Chuey YinNE Corner Dupont and Jackson 
97181890Chin Ah Poy Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanRemandedChin Gee YouCorner Dupont andJackson1867
97191890Wong Ah Hong Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanPetition and writ dismissedWong Ng AckSacramento and Dupont1866
97201890Chan Chung Mun Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedChun Ying Hew714 Jackson1871
97211890Wong Ah Hee (female) Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedHuan Ang Gee836 Dupont1869
97221890Mon Chew Kook (female) Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedMar Chew Man722 Dupont1880
97231890Mar Chew Ling (female) Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedMar Chew Man722 Dupont1869
97241890Gim Jung Chun  Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedGim MutGold Hill, California1865
97251890Lum Chow Sare Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLum Mun KeeVentura County, California1876
97261890Wong Ah Poy Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedWong Gut1003 Dupont1872
97271890Lew Di Kong Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLew Doc Min810 1/2 Dupont1868
97281890Lin See Moy Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLin Bow900 Dupont1876
97291890Quock Jee Chong Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedQuock Gow826 Dupont1863
97301890Lee Suey Chung Native BornBelgicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedLee Chow Foon620 Dupont1868
97311890Lee Foo Native BornBelgicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedLee Fee718 Commercial1865
97321890Choy Fook Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChoy Jit Yick714 Dupont1877
97331890Choy Lung  Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. DischargedChow Gow Yick900 Dupont1875
97341890Chin Goey Fook Native BornBelgicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Ying Hing625 Dupont1869
97351890Dong Toy Native BornBelgicLande, EdwardDischargedDong Moon ChowSW Corner Jackson and Dupont1869
97361890Gee Jung Ken Native BornBelgicLande, EdwardDischargedGee Fong Gow 747 Sacramento1870
97371890Lee Gow Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedLee Lean 909 Dupont1867
97381890Ching Ah Hin Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanRemandedChing Ging Lew1000 Stockton1872
97391890Jew Sing Toy (female) Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedJew Jin Bue708 Dupont1877
97401890Wong Suey Gaow (female) Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong ChungLos Angeles, California1885
97411890Wong Ow How (female) Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Lun Mow624 1/2 Jackson1880
97421890Jow Ah Sir Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedJow Tai ChungMarysville, Yuba County, California1863
97431890Jow Wah Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedJow YunColusa, California1864
97441890Lee Ah Yuen  Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredRemandedLee Yin Quong900 Dupont1866
97451890Yung Ah Man Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredRemandedYung You Chooey735 Clay1868
97461890Ng Ah Hoy Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredRemandedNg Jin Han769 Clay1867
97471890Ng Do Yum Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredRemandedNg Jung715 Commercial 1876
97481890Hom Ah Sing Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredRemandedHom Or FangReno, Nevada1868
97491890Hom Ah Din  Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredRemandedHom Toy614 Jackson1867
97501890Woo Fook Shew Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DRemandedWoo Dow Chung714 Dupont1868
97511890Woo Qwock Wing Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DRemandedWoo Lee Chung807 Sacramento1865
97521890Yee Mon Hee Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Moon Jung826 Dupont1872
97531890Yee Foong Choon Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Li Yew830 Washington1873
97541890Yee Moo Ng Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DRemandedYee Mon Jung728 Sacramento1865
97551890Lo Mon Dew Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DRemandedLo Hin Yee809 Dupont1867
97561890Jee My Art Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DRemandedJee Wing On 823 Dupont1866
97571890Yee Fook Yee Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Yen Dung708 Sacramento1862
97581890Tooey Tai Lock  Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DRemandedTooey Born Gin806 Washington1868
97591890Wong Bing Gong Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DRemandedWong Fung ChutWeaverville, California1865
97601890Mar Goon Sing Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DRemandedMar Ho Yen 1004 1/2 Dupont1873
97611890Soo Foo Toon Go Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DRemandedSoo Too Doo Ling750 Washington1872
97621890Yee Fook Soon Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DRemandedYee York Jung841 Dupont1873
97631890Yee Hing Ging Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DRemandedYee Yot Jung730 Sacramento1871
97641890Leong Bo Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DRemandedLeong Hing Yow728 Dupont1867
97651890Loui Ah Gee Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredRemandedLoui Sing Sook631 Jackson1871
97661890Quan Ah Shun Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredRemandedQuan Ing Ling714 Dupont1871
97671890Ng Ah Toy Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredRemandedNg Hung Gang716 Dupont1876
97681890Ng Ah Kip Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredRemandedNg Teng Ning622 Jackson1876
97691890Wong Set Jew Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Chung Yow17 Washington Alley1865
97701890Wong Tew Fong Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Lim Yook747 Sacramento1864
97711890Fong Wing Nging Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredRemandedFong Gan Jew617 1/2 Dupont1876
97721890Chin Sue Thun Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Leong Gai714 1/2 Dupont22 year
97731890Haw Ah Fook Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedHaw Hin Wing710 Dupont1867
97741890Chin Yow Foon Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Mee Leong754 Washington1871
97751890Chin Won Kew Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Nai Keong735 Sacramento1871
97761890Lee Ah On Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Gow611 Jackson1874
97771890Wong Ah Get Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedWong Sai Ott745 Washington 1875
97781890Ng Ah Dock  Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedNg Yee Sing842 Dupont1874
97791890Moy Song How Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedMoy Mai Poy740 Commercial 1867
97801890Chin Sic Ling Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Mow Hung712 Dupont1874
97811890Hong Ah Toy Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedHong Gee Soon754 Washington1868
97821890Jew Gow Nuey Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedJew Sing Lee769 Clay1876
97831890Lee Ah Jeong Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Yin King611 Jackson1874
97841890Ng Ah Gow Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedNg Yow Sing728 Dupont1871
97851890Lee Ah Sing Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Yan Kin740 Commercial 1871
97861890Jeung Ah Due Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E.  Jeung Gin Mee743 Commercial 1871
97871890Won Wee Young Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedWon Gim Yan712 Dupont1866
97881890Jung Ah Gin Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedJung Ging Mee729 Sacramento1869
97891890Lee Gin On Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Yin Sing718 Dupont1871
97901890Lee Ah Chee Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Wah Yan 731 Sacramento1870
97911890Ng Ah Doo Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedNg Fong Ching832 Washington1868
97921890Ng Ah Kin Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedNg Fot Ming639 Jackson1869
97931890Hom Ah Nom Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedHom Sue Gim 627 Dupont1878
97941890Lee Lum Goon Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Hung Sing845 Dupont1870
97951890Hom Ah Chew Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedHom Sue How705 Dupont1870
97961890Leong Bew Wah Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedLeong Yow Suey806 Sacramento1871
97971890Jung Sioy (female) Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedJun Chick Sung900 Dupont1875
97981890Jung Moy (female) Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedJun Chick Sung900 Dupont1862
97991890Jeung Ah Sam (female) Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedJung Hung826 Dupont1867
98001890Jeung Yit Quay (female) Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedJung Hung826 Dupont1878
98011890How Sing Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredRemandedHow Hin Jack716 Dupont1866
98021890Wong Sick Hung Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Hen Yet627 Commercial1874
98031890Wong Way Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Chung Sun Oroville, California1865
98041890Fong Gwong You Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedFong Chung Hung New York 1866
98051890Chin Jin Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredRemandedChin Hay WingOakland, California1871
98061890Lee Jock  Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredRemandedLee Hen Fang911 Dupont1874
98071890Lee Chow Tin Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanRemandedLee Wing San900 Dupont1866
98081890Wong Loy Yow  Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanRemandedWong Foo Schuck1001 Dupont1867
98091890Lee Dung Tuck Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Mon Quong742 Sacramento1870
98101890Wong Ah Kee Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedWong Ah Get761 Clay1871
98111890Chin Ah Quong Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Tai828 Dupont1866
98121890Chin Bing Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Mon Jew927 Dupont1865
98131890Chin Poo Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Dung GingNW corner Dupont and Jackson1869
98141890Wong Chew Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedWong Chung876 Dupont1863
98151890Chin Ah Hin  Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Gisto900 Dupont1866
98161890Wong You Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedWong Aui Fong835 Dupont1870
98171890Yee Suey Joong Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. RemandedYee Doon Jeong726 Dupont1868
98181890Hor Sing Native BornCity of PekingSchlesinger, BertDischargedHor Chan650 Jackson1862
98191890Tom Quan Sui Native BornCity of PekingSchlesinger, BertDischargedTom Yuk Chan724 Commercial1865
98201890Lee Jing Hung Native BornCity of PekingSchlesinger, BertRemandedLee Gum705 Sacramento1873
98211890Jow Yune Native BornCity of PekingSchlesinger, BertDischargedJow Chew Jung8 Washington Alley1866
98221890Jow Yee Native BornCity of PekingSchlesinger, BertDischargedJow QuaiVallejo, Solano County, California1863
98231890Yee Gim Fang Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedYee Gar Wo724 Commercial1878
98241890Jew Ah Mon Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. Petition deadJew Loui Don741 Sacramento1867
98271890Soo Hoo Doon Fee Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemanded appealed to Circuit CourtSoo Hoo Moon Sin714 Commercial1863
98281890Gee Chuck Gee Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedGee Gan Chung813 Dupont1869
98291890Gee Ah Hung Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedGee Chung Lee763 Clay1863
98301890Gee Ngoon Seung Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedGee Chung Loot823 Dupont1876
98311890Gee Wing Jow Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedGee Kai Po823 Dupont1870
98321890Pang Show Din Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedPang Si Gick716 Dupont1868
98331890Yee Goon Seung Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedYee Gong Jung729 Commercial1871
98341890Gee Wing Kee Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedGee Thoon Kee741 Commercial1875
98351890Gee Show Suey Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedGee Kai Sue741 Commercial1872
98361890Toy Ah Teong Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedToy Ying Fong742 Commercial1865
98371890Yee Wah Bong Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedYee Gee Jeong721 Dupont1875
98381890Gee Ah Yow Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedGee Pon Que719 Dupont1875
98391890Gee Wing Sing Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedGee Suey Wing821 Dupont1876
98401890Gee Ah Toy Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemanded appealed to Circuit CourtGee Leong Fat715 Jackson1871
98411890Gee Ah Goon Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedGee Chung Soon614 Dupont1869
98421890Soo Hoo Tung Gong Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedSoo Hoo Yee Gon723 Dupont1868
98431890Lew Wing Bow Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLew Wee Suey718 Commercial1871
98441890Lew Jung On Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLee Wee Mon718 Commercial1873
98451890Wong Bock Jung Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Yee Chow611 Commercial1869
98461890Jin Ah On Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedJin Tow Hung900 Washington1869
98471890Jin Ah Ty Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedJin Gong Mow629 Jackson1869
98481890Lee Share Bow Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedLee Loy Nooey722 Dupont1860
98491890Liew Ah Fook Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedLiew Hop Gong911 Dupont 1868
98501890Wong Fook Teong Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Man Sai813 1/2 Dupont1867
98511890Wong Ah Jing Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Tit Ngung3 Waverly Place1876
98521890Pong Ah Jin Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedPong Gong Ngang622 Dupont1868
98531890Ng Quong Teong Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedNg Pong612 Jackson1873
98541890Wong Sin Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Hong620 Dupont1873
98551890Chue Wy Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedChue Fook Leong926 Stockton1865
98561890Mar Ying Lock Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedMar Goon Foo741 Commercial1865
98571890Lew Ah Shew Native BornOceanicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedLew We Nong769 Clay1868
98581890Gee Ah Tan Native BornOceanicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedGee Suey Wing722 Dupont1867
98591890Wong Ah Fun Native BornOceanicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedWong Hen Yee722 Dupont1868
98601890Jow Ah Fun Native BornOceanicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedJow Mun Yung717 Clay1867
98611890Lock Ah Jack Native BornOceanicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedLock Lung Pock847 Dupont1867
98621890Ng Shair Dock  Native BornOceanicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedNg Get On727 Sacramento1877
98631890Ng Ah Dun Native BornOceanicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedNg Fun Wah711 Commercial1869
98641890Lock Tung Gim  Native BornOceanicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedLock Que Yuen737 Washington1869
98651890Fong Yee Hong Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedFong Dock Fong826 Dupont1870
98661890Chan Shun Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChan Yuen616 Dupont1868
98671890Tom Hon Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedTom Yoke820 Washington1869
98681890Chan Hin Fong Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChan Yow Sing900 Dupont1876
98691890Hom Quong Mee Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedHom Yin Sue735 Clay1870
98701890Lim Ah Goey Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLim Yow Ai745 Washington1869
98711890Chung Mon Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChung Hong801 Dupont1871
98721890Hom Lung Gim Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedHom Goon838 Dupont1867
98731890Ng Ah Fun Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedNg Sun Chung714 1/2 Dupont1873
98741890Leong Kin Him  Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLeong Do Ji722 Jackson1872
98751890Leong Share Ying  Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedLeong Doo Own940 Dupont1873
98761890Wong Gow Foo Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedHong Dock Ding828 Dupont1868
98771890Fong Kin Fook Native BornOceanicStranahan & Smith DischargedFong Chew Toy757 Sacramento1868
98781890Jin Ah Shun Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedJin Shee Lung723 Commercial1874
98791890Pong Ah Tong Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedBong Sai Mun714 1/2 Dupont1874
98801890Jin Ah Yin Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedJin Jung Tooey614 Jackson1868
98811890Jin Ah Sen Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedJin Jung Jew728 Jackson1870
98821890Ng Ah Bong Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedNg Ming Deak751 Sacramento1873
98831890Lee Chaw Kong Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Kee847 Dupont1877
98841890Yew Jeck  Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedYew Kee Chong824 Dupont1869
98851890Woo Suey Wah Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedWoo Wah Get728 Commercial1869
98861890Lee Foo Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemanded appealed to Circuit CourtLee YurStockton, California1866
98871890Chun Dock Gone Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedChon ChongNW corner Jackson and Dupont (Globe Hotel)1873
98881890Chun Chi Sir Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemandedChun GumSan Jose, California1876
98891890Lee Ching Fong Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedLee Chun Long803 Dupont1874
98901890Dang Ah Yow Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemanded appealed to Circuit CourtDang Quan JeungSacramento, California1867
98911890Fung Wing Wah Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedFong Sen Hong743 Sacramento1870
98921890Poon Gum Lung Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedPoon Sear Bow743 Sacramento1874
98931890Mar Quan Gip Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedMar Chun WingSacramento, California1869
98941890Mar Ah Yum Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemandedMar Leong GetSacramento, California1869
98951890Dang Loy Fook Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedDang Sear Yow726 Dupont1868
98961890Hom Ah Din  Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedHom Fook Fong808 Sacramento1863
98971890Jew Ah Fat Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedJew Doo Hee751 Sacramento1869
98981890Wong Hop Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedWong Toon620 Dupont1869
98991890Lo Yum Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DPetition and writ dismissedLew Ock Sing635 Jackson1866
99001890Young Ah Git Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedYoung Soon Shew808 Sacramento1870
99011890Woo Moon Kee Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedWoo Shoo Cheong728 Dupont1868
99021890Fong Mon Jeung Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedFong Ing Chong717 Clay1867
99031890Wong Bow Jung Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedWong Jun Yow615 Jackson1866
99041890Fung Jung Pooey Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedFung Yee1008 Dupont1875
99051890Tom Ah Gin Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemandedTom Jeung Teung618 Dupont1876
99061890Hom Gooey Look Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanPetition deadHom Deaux836 Dupont1866
99071890Chin Ah You Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedChun Quong Fook823 Dupont1869
99081890Tom Fat Juck Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedTom Ng Chew936 Dupont1866
99091890Ng Leow Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedNg Ock ShimPortland, Oregon1873
99101890Chin Ah Ong Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedChin Leong Po747 Sacramento1870
99111890Jin Ah You Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedJin Siey Dork826 Dupont1870
99121890Yung Chee Yung Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedYung Yick Gow707 Dupont1866
99141890Chin Yow Poi Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Koon Hin711 Commercial1870
99151890Moy Hin Git Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedMay Nai Wah639 Jackson1869
99161890Leong Ah Ying Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLeong Doo Tom900 Dupont1875
99171890Chin Gwee On Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Leong Chow710 Commercial1871
99181890Jow Ah Doe Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedJow Bock Ming737 Sacramento1867
99191890Jung Ah Quan Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedJung Chun Lai826 Dupont1868
99201890Chin Ah Doom Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Mon Hong754 Washington1867
99211890Leong Ah Koon Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLeong Doo Ham823 Dupont1870
99221890Chin Ah Suey Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Wy Shung828 Dupont1869
99231890Moy Quing Nai Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedMoy Doo Yow819 Dupont1867
99241890Moy Wing Yow Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedMoy Ow Yin735 Sacramento1867
99251890Lee Ah Goey Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLee Fook Wah740 Commercial1872
99261890Ng Ah Fook Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedNg Chun Hock712 Dupont1869
99271890Loui Ah Sew Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLoui Sing Gan751 Sacramento1873
99281890Wong Ah Yee Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedHong Yun Gaw1002 Dupont1871
99291890Chin Ah Wai Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Leong Quan735 Sacramento1868
99301890Chin Ah Ying Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Dung Won754 Washington1869
99311890Chin Ah Sing Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Leong Ping742 Commercial1871
99321890Chin Ah Mee Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Sin639 Jackson1873
99331890Yee Fook Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. Writ returned non est Yee Juck Jing705 Dupont1864
99341890Hin Hung Jung Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedHui Wy Jung741 Sacramento1861
99351890Yee King Wo Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. Petition deadYee Jing Jung838 Dupont corner Sacramento and Dupont1868
99361890Hin Yow Ying Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedHui Jock Lung751 Sacramento1860
99371890Chin Ah Nong Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Sew714 1/2 Dupont1873
99381890Chin Ah Poi Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Yee Dun711 Commercial1870
99391890Chin Ah Yee Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Keow714 Commercial1869
99401890Chin Ah Gaw Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Ling714 Commercial1867
99411890Chin Ah Look  Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChin Jew706 Sacramento1870
99421890Leong Ah Ging Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLeong Doo Hay805 Washington1871
99431890Wong Ah San  Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanPetition and writ dismissedWong Tai Wong620 Dupont upstairs1866
99441890Wong Quock Seung Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemandedWong Gim Chung1001 Dupont1866
99451890Lee Foon Native BornOceanicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedLee Chook811 1/2 Dupont1867
99461890Lee Et Native BornOceanicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedLee See Hin726 Dupont1875
99471890Lee Teung Native BornOceanicBlaney, Edward W. DischargedLee Ying842 Dupont1868
99481890Ching Doon Shoon Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemandedChung Gee Way731 Dupont1866
99491890Jin Quock Jin Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemandedJin Wong Yit769 Clay1867
99501890Woo Jin Yuen  Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemandedWoo Yee Wong728 Commercial1865
99511890Go Min Native BornOceanicStonehill & WhaleyDischargedGo Bock900 Dupont18 years
99521890Eng Fook Gooey Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedNg Ping900 Dupont1870
99531890Yee Wing Shue Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedYee Yun Jeong723 Sacramento1867
99541890Lum Yum Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedLum Yong734 Sacramento1863
99551890Yee Hing One Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas D Yee Gee Jung741 Sacramento1865
99561890Chau Ying Gong Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedChun Lut Di637 Jackson1876
99571890Won Gum Shong Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedWong Shea Di835 Dupont1864
99581890Tom Sun Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedTom Yum639 Jackson1866
99591890Fong Jung Kee Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedFong Quai ChinAlvarado, Alameda County, California1863
99601890Fong Di Quan Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedFong ChewAlvarado, Alameda County, California1873
99611890Lum Gee Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLum SingSan Buenaventura, California1869
99621890Fong Quai Hee Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedFong Mon Sing639 Jackson11 years
99631890Hor Yee (female) Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedHor SueGlobe Hotel28 years
99641890Hooey Wah Nar Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedHooey Jing Loy614 Jackson1866
99651890Gee Yooey Sing Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedGee Ging Chung820 Dupont1868
99661890Lee Jin Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedLing Ging Yow844 Dupont1866
99671890Yee Ah Poy Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Dock King710 Sacramento1874
99681890Jeow Yick  Native BornOceanicHilborn & HallPetition and writ dismissedJew Sheow727 Sacramento1872
99691890Huey Ah You Native BornOceanicBergen, BenjaminRemandedHuey Jung Fook714 Dupont1872
99701890Jue Shar Kuen Native BornOceanicBergen, BenjaminRemandedJue The GowDupont1877
99711890Ong Sai Ngook (female) Native BornOceanicPerry, G. H. & Ricketts, AlfredDischargedOng Quon933 Dupont1867
99721890Wong Ah Gim (female) Native BornOceanicPerry, G. H. & Ricketts, AlfredDischargedWong Look Sing722 Dupont1868
99731890Dea Hoo Shem  Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedDea Mon Sing1016 Stockton1874
99741890Dea Hoo Hoy Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedDea Mon Sing1016 Stockton1876
99751890Choi Tai Native BornOceanicBergen, BenjaminDischarged 714 Dupont1870
99761890Choy Wing Native BornOceanicBergen, BenjaminDischarged 711 Commercial1872
99771890Yee Chow Jung Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. DischargedYee Wing Jung723 Commercial1868
99781890Hoey King Noey Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedHoey Kay Chong716 Dupont1863
99791890Choi Chong Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChoi Ying Poo715 Commercial1873
99801890Choi Goey Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChoi Haw Yick714 Commercial1875
99811890Choi Jun Mon Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChoi Yook Lung751 Sacramento1870
99821890Lew Cheong Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. Petition deadLew Sin Yong 841 Dupont1875
99831890Choi Kwock Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E.  Choi Don Yick 627 Dupont1872
99841890Choi Joe Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedChoi Fong Yick 722 Dupont1872
99851890Jew Ah Leong Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedJew Gar Moon747 Sacramento1875
99861890Chin Ah Leong Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. Writ returned non est Chin Sin Hong1025 Dupont1867
99871890Wong Ah You Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. Petition deadWong You War805 Dupont1876
99881890Jew Ah Kee Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedJew Sing Kee751 Sacramento1870
99891890Wong Ah Gow  Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedWong Sing Yow811 Dupont1867
99901890Fong Ah Tang Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. Petition and writ dismissedFong Low823 Dupont1869
99911890Jew Ah Fook Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E. RemandedJew Sing Kai741 Commercial1866
99921890Chin Shoo Jeong Native BornOceanicStranahan, F.E.  Chin Shie Tai730 1/2 Commercial1870
99991890Chong Get June Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroStonehill & WhaleyDischargedChong Shin Chun 844 Dupont19 years
100011890Chong Jew Choy Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroStonehill & WhaleyPetition deadChong Chun Poy814 Dupont1866
100021890Gee Moon Gik Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedGee Ock Schuck 820 Washington1861
100031890Gee Han Wing Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DRemandedJee Foong Suey 815 Dupont1862
100041890Jee Hung Hee Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedJee Yooey Too821 Dupont1874
100051890Lee Cheund Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroPerry, George HRemandedLee Ying MongStockton, California1862
100061890Lee Charn Gee Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroPerry, George HRemandedLee LeongChico, California1864
100071890Lee Kee Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroPerry, George HRemandedLee Gin Chew730 Sacramento1869
100081890Jow Ah Jung Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedJow Wing You908 Commercial1871
100091890Dare Fong Hing Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedDare Hoon739 Commercial 1874
100101890Jung Ah On Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedJung Mee Lum765 Clay1867
100111890Wong Ah Din Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong How Chung717 Commercial 1871
100121890Jin Lung Foo Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedJin Lip Yin 904 Dupont1877
100131890Jin Ah Yin Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedJin Ock Lee1004 Dupont1872
100141890Jin Ah Hong Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedJin Leong Loy711 Commercial1877
100151890Jin Ah Yick  Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedJin Leong Shuck816 Dupont1877
100161890Fong Ah Gaow Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedFong Gaow Ock Astoria, Oregon1869
100171890Lee Ah Fay Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredDischargedLee Man Pon 724 Dupont1868
100181890Ng Tung Chun Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedNg Mun On San Jose, California1869
100191890Chin Ah Hing Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedChin Hen Teong710 Commercial1868
100201890Wun Lun Hing Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedWun Chun 740 Commercial1868
100211890Jung Ah Dock  Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedJung Sing Ung741 Commercial1866
100221890Chin Ah On Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedChin Mun Tsu820 Dupont1872
100231890Dare Ung Hoy Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedDare Git Wing747 Sacramento1877
100241890Wong Hing Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Chuck Jin 610 Jackson1860
100251890Jin Ah War Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedJin Bit Yin 816 Dupont1871
100261890Ng Ah Gong Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredDischargedNg Shew Jang823 Dupont1868
100271890Jung Ah Lin Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedJung Sing Dep826 Dupont1867
100281890Hom Yuen  Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedHom Mun Ming 745 Sacramento1874
100291890Lee Chon Nging Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroBlaney, Edward W. RemandedLee Ming Poy 728 Dupont1868
100301890Yee Mee Sing Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroBlaney, Edward W. RemandedGee Sim 720 Sacramento1869
100311890Harm Ching Poy Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroBlaney, Edward W. RemandedHarm Hin Poy615 Jackson1868
100321890Yee Jeo Suey Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroBlaney, Edward W. RemandedYee Jeow741 Commercial1870
100331890Harm Gum Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroBlaney, Edward W. RemandedHarm Hin Poy728 Dupont1868
100341890Jin Ah Hoey  Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedJin Sai You911 Dupont18 years
100361890Yee Ah Jin Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Look Low617 Dupont1869
100371890Ng Ah Hing Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedNg Moon Eng708 Dupont1866
100381890Yee Ming Jung Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedYee Tow Bar820 Dupont1867
100391890Chin Tew Toy (female) Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanRemandedChin Moon You716 Dupont1869
100401890Chin Fook Hay Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedChin Leong Seng823 Dupont1869
100411890Chin Bock Wong Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedChin Hung Yuen714 Dupont1869
100421890Pong Ah Thun  Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedPong Gwing Lung 743 Sacramento1871
100431890Jung Ah Shew Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredRemandedJung Goon Leong910 Dupont1869
100441890Fong Gwong Loy Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedFong Sing LeongPortland, Oregon1873
100451890Fong Gwong Sing Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedFong Sing LeongPortland, Oregon1870
100461890Pong Yee Hong Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedPong Wun Man637 Jackson1866
100471890Chun Hee Kow Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedChun JowPortland, Oregon1873
100481890Toy Ah Gan Native BornGaelicBergen, BenjaminRemandedToy Sing Cheong904 Dupont1873
100491890Toy Tung Mon Native BornGaelicBergen, BenjaminRemandedToy Get Yin 625 Dupont1875
100501890Choy Do Jow Native BornGaelicBergen, BenjaminRemandedToy Ying Gow771 Clay1873
100511890Chun Ah Pon Native BornGaelicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedChin Mun Yow836 Dupont1867
100521890Yee Mee (female) Native BornGaelicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedYee Quan Yit 727 Sacramento1880
100531890Wong Len Fon  Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Ngin KipLos Angeles, California1866
100541890Wong Cun Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Yuck Hing Los Angeles, California1871
100551890Toy Ah Goey Native BornGaelicSmith DischargedToy Ging Teung740 Commercial1876
100561890Toy Quong Teung Native BornGaelicSmith RemandedToy Koon Sing 765 Clay1876
100571890Toy Ah Fung Native BornGaelicSmith RemandedToy Ying Yam 708 Commercial1873
100581890Toy Share Hong  Native BornGaelicSmith DischargedTong King Hug918 Dupont1874
100591890Wong Ah Tong Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. RemandedWong Soon Yup726 Dupont1870
100601890Jeong Ah Lim Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. Petition and writ dismissedJeong Ah Sing803 Dupont1870
100611890Jew Sin Yook Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. RemandedJew Sing Oy751 Sacramento1869
100621890Leong Ah Kum  Native BornGaelicStranahan, F.E. RemandedLeong Tim Teong751 Sacramento1870
100631890Yee Lin Ock  Native BornGaelicBlaney, Edward W. RemandedChung Yin 745 Sacramento1866
100641890Fong Sang Native BornChina Stranahan, F.E. RemandedFoong Soon720 Jackson1864
100651890Tom Ah Kai Native BornChina Mowry, LymanDischargedHom Ying Sen731 Washington1866
100661890Yee Chung Hing Native BornChina Riordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Toy Ock816 Dupont1869
100671890Liew Fook Gow Native BornChina Ricketts, AlfredRemandedLiew Way Ben820 Washington1868
100681890Hom Hong Nep Native BornChina Ricketts, AlfredRemandedHom DooeyLos Angeles, California1867
100691890Lim Ah Shun Native BornChina Ricketts, AlfredRemandedLun Quan Lung Sacramento, California1875
100701890Fong Poy Leong Native BornChina Ricketts, AlfredDischargedFong GumSan Jose, California1867
100711890Fong Jew Yip Native BornChina Ricketts, AlfredDischargedFong Hen YuSacramento, California1867
100721890Leong Low (female) Native BornChina van Duzer, A P RemandedLeong Yuon 806 Sacramento1869
100731890Fong Sing  Native BornChina van Duzer, A P DischargedFong Wong824 Dupont 1871
100741890Jay Bun  Native BornChina van Duzer, A P RemandedJay Youi807 Dupont1869
100751890Looey Seay Hin Native BornChina van Duzer, A P RemandedLoui Hok Kin725 Clay1870
100761890Gee Ah Youey  Native BornChina van Duzer, A P RemandedGee Chung How907 Dupont1870
100771890Chin Ah On Native BornChina Ricketts, AlfredRemandedChin Ai Wun 36 Washington Alley1871
100781890Chin Ah Lee Native BornChina Ricketts, AlfredRemandedChin Ngin 806 Dupont1871
100791890Chin Ah Deow Native BornChina Ricketts, AlfredRemandedChin Ai TeowNapa, California1870
100801890Chin Ah Yin Native BornChina Ricketts, AlfredRemandedChin Ai Tung901 Dupont1874
100811890Wong Hin Sing  Native BornChina Ricketts, AlfredRemandedWong Lou Pow910 Dupont1864
100821890Fong How Ting Native BornChina Ricketts, AlfredRemandedFong Gim 639 Jackson1863
100831890Chin Yit Sing Native BornChina Ricketts, AlfredRemandedChin Mow Way735 Washington1865
100841890Gee Jung Kee Native BornChina Riordan, Thomas DDischargedGee Yooey Sick 742 Commercial1865
100851890Toy Ah Wing  Native BornChina Schaertzer, Henry C.DischargedToy How Way714 Dupont 
100861890Lum Kee Native BornChina Stranahan, F.E. DischargedLum YickComanche, Calaveras County, California1871
100871890Toy Ping Chee Native BornChina Smith DischargedToy Sing Hong728 Commercial1875
100881890Toy Jew Hung Native BornChina Smith RemandedToy Yeow Som 714 Commercial1875
100891890Lien Suey Lin (female) Native BornChina Mowry, LymanRemandedLien Hoy739 Commercial 1870
100901890Lee Sing Far (female) Native BornChina Mowry, LymanPetition deadLee Mon721 Dupont1868
100911890Lee Yin Jin  Native BornChina Riordan, Thomas DDischargedLee Ngip Jock 810 Dupont1866
100921890Gee Fook Sing Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemanded appealed to Circuit CourtGee Kee Dar741 Commercial1876
100931890Gee Ham Yook Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedGee Ling Mooey727 Clay1877
100941890Gee Jam Choon Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedGee Yooey Fong709 Commercial1870
100951890Yee Moon Bew Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedYee Chock Wo804 Dupont1875
100961890Gee Mow Sing Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedGee Foong Woy 751 Sacramento1876
100971890Quan Foo Suey  Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedQuan Ong On 829 Dupont1868
100981890Wong Tung Yick  Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedWong Heong Kee742 Commercial1869
100991890Soo Hoo Yee Wing Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedSoo Hoo Jing Foong742 Sacramento1862
101001890Gee Tai Hong Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedGee Ah Him 657 Dupont1877
101011890Ham Chuck Gong Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DPetition deadHom Toy 837 Dupont1865
101021890Tong Chee Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedTong HingFolsom, Sacramento County, California1877
101031890Tong Horn  Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedTong Hing LookFolsom, Sacramento County, California1874
101041890Ng One Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedNg Mong Lem 635 Jackson1867
101051890Chin John Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedChing Quong 737 Washington1876
101061890Chin Hing Lung Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredRemandedChin Yen Ai744 Sacramento1869
101071890Chin Ah Lee Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedChin Wo Ging765 Clay1864
101081890Hom Wy Sim Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedHom Wing731 Commercial1871
101091890Chin Share Hing  Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedChin Law Yow822 Washington1869
101101890Yee Wo Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredWrit returned non est Yee Jee Lum 731 Commercial1870
101111890Fung Sam Dock  Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedFong Hen DaySacramento, California1866
101121890Chin Chong Yuen  Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedChin Moon Young714 Dupont1871
101131890Chin Shee Hong  Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedChin Yuen Fong 410 Worhec, Denver, Colorado1874
101141890Lee Ho (female) Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLee Shing838 Dupont1872
101151890Chin Chon Gook (female) Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedChin Ching741 Sacramento1871
101161890Chin Chon Loy (female) Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedChin Ching741 Sacramento1880
101171890Fung Sam Native BornCity of PekingRicketts, AlfredDischargedFung Quan LingSacramento, California1863
101181890Moy Yook Kuai  Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DRemandedMoy You Him 620 Dupont 1873
101191890Moy Hing Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedMoy Leong Tor740 Commercial1871
101201890Moy Fung Chun Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedMoy Yot Chin 740 Commercial1872
101211890Mah Shook Jung Native BornCity of PekingStranahan, F.E. DischargedMah Sam See771 Clay1873
101231890Chin Fung Hee Native BornCity of PekingTalcott, H.D. DischargedChin Tong Shung639 Jackson1868
101241890Gee Hing Fun Native BornCity of PekingTalcott, H.D. DischargedYee Sui Chung721 Dupont1875
101251890Joe King Yim Native BornCity of PekingSchaertzer, Henry C.DischargedJae Yit Fong823 Dupont1874
101261890Wong Gin On Native BornCity of PekingSchaertzer, Henry C.DischargedWong Wah Fon900 Dupont1861
101271890Dong Dew Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedDong Fook Gooey 717 Clay1868
101281890Lee Lung Tan Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedLee Ying Jeong806 Dupont1869
101291890Tong One Jung  Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedFong Lin GowSacramento, California1863
101301890Wong Ah Ngaow Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Hong Sam 730 Sacramento1875
101311890Sum Bud Sam  Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedSum Wing Chin1019 Dupont1868
101321890Dong Jim Yin  Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedDong Chung HingSacramento, California1878
101331890Dong Ah Sim  Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedDong Ying SharePortland, Oregon1879
101341890Hong Ah Buck  Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredRemandedHong Yuey Wing751 Sacramento1875
101351890Yung Fang Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedYung Din GungPortland, Oregon1874
101361890Yung Ten Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedYung Sin WongOroville, California1870
101371890Chin Dung Hee Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedChin Moon Yee704 Dupont1872
101381890Chin Yin Fook  Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedChin Yip Kee765 Clay1871
101391890Jee Wing Kong Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedJee Chung Yem 821 Dupont1877
101401890Jee Goon Jing  Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedGee Chung Ngow823 Dupont1872
101411890Jee Pang Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedGee Kee Hee709 Commercial1877
101421890Lim Lop Yuen  Native BornOceanicvan Duzer, A P DischargedDr. Sim Toan Ke742 Sacramento 
101431890Jue Li Chung  Native BornOceanicSchaertzer, Henry C.DischargedJue Sing Yow823 Dupont1870
101441890Cha Sing Kwai (female) Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DWrit not servedCha Gwee620 Dupont 1880
101451890Cha Tai Kim (female) Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DWrit not servedCha Gwee620 Dupont 1885
101521890Lee Cho Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroBlaney, Edward W. RemandedLee Hing721 Dupont1867
101531890Lin Go Ling Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroSchaertzer, Henry C.RemandedLin Hock Dan714 Dupont1875
101541890Wong Chung Chee Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroSchaertzer, Henry C.DischargedWong Kun Dung742 Washington1877
101561890Chin Chung  Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedJim Chuck Pong939 Dupont1863
101571890Yee Ah Hom  Native BornGaelicMcAllisterRemandedYee Heow Choung741 Sacramento1868
101581890Yee Yen Loy  Native BornGaelicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Wah724 Commercial1875
101631890Fong Toy (female) Native BornChina Perry, George HRemanded 712 Dupont1872
101641890Fong Gam (female) Native BornChina Mowry, LymanRemanded 712 Dupont1871
101661890Chin Ah Ngee Native BornChina Riordan, Thomas DDischargedChin Gee Sun704 Dupont1871
101681890Soho One Pong Native BornChina Schaertzer, Henry C.DischargedSo Ho Yee Gawk723 Sacramento1869
101691890Soho One Dun  Native BornChina Schaertzer, Henry C.DischargedSo Ho Yee Gawk723 Sacramentoabout 1869
101701890Ng Ching Lan (female) Native BornChina Mowry, LymanDischargedNg Mun Quong751 Sacramento1866
101711890Quan Ah Doong (female) Native BornChina Mowry, LymanDischargedQuan Quock Chun 640 Jackson upstairs1868
101721890Leong Wing Fat  Native BornChina Riordan, Thomas DDischargedLeong Ly (dead)Coulterville, Mariposa County, California1872
101731890Leong Come Native BornBelgicRicketts, AlfredDischargedLeong Sing Go846 Washington1868
101751890Young Choy Ling (female) Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYoung See ChewSan Jose, California1869
101761890Lai Que (female) Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLai Ngee617 Jackson1878
101771890Hom Mi Woon  Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanPetition and writ dismissedTom Quong Moon730 Sacramento1868
101791890Wong Hen Gee Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedWong Ly Let819 Dupont1875
101801890Wong Su Leam  Native BornBelgicMcAllister & McAllisterRemandedWong Yen Kee803 Dupont1876
101811890Yee Yin Fee Native BornBelgicTalcott, H.D. RemandedYe Chung Sam 728 Jackson1874
101821890Mo Quai Lan (female) Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedMo Dock HongIone, Amador County, California 
101831890Jew Wah Hin  Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanRemandedJew Git Tung742 Dupont1867
101841890Wong Ah Lee Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedWong Hin Shew751 Sacramento1867
101851890Ung Chun Fai (female) Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedNg Ling Sing716 Sacramento1869
101861890Low Tong Kwai (female) Native BornBelgicMowry, LymanDischargedLo Mun Tai847 Dupont1870
101871890Lo Ah Wo  Native BornBelgicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLo Si YeeSan Pedro Point, Marin County, California1874
101921891Yee Yick Ark Native BornCity of PekingRiordan, Thomas DDischargedYee Jung Fook819 Dupont1869
101931891Soo Hoo Doc Leung Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanPetition deadSoo Hoo Yee Mow723 Sacramento1872
101941891Lee Chut (female) Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedLee Goon723 Sacramento1870
101951891Tom Gook (female) Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanDischargedTom Wing845 Dupont1868
101961891Lem Hing Dun Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanRemanded appealed to Circuit CourtLem Ack Fong751 Sacramento1870
101971891Gin Heng Lee Native BornCity of PekingMowry, LymanRemandedGin Wah Kew727 Sacramento1861
101981891Jew Hoy Kee Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedJew Sang GarIgo, Shasta County, California1868
101991891Jew Sen Jung  Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DRemandedJew Jin Tep723 Sacramento1869
102001891Wong Ah Ngung Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Hen Yok715 Commercial1864
102011891Wong Ah Shew Native BornOceanicRicketts, AlfredDischargedWong Yuen Yen635 Jackson1875
102021891Fong Ah Fock  Native BornOceanicTalcott, H.D. DischargedFong Ah Foo716 Dupont1875
102031891Cha Lin  Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedCha Lin Wah813 Dupont1876
102041891Cha Sin Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedCha Dong Yaw622 Jackson1869
102051891Lee Mee Sin Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedLee Shing812 Dupont1876
102061891Lee Yow Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemandedLee Sing Ten712 Dupont1874
102071891Wong Lung Yu Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanRemandedYou Choy716 Dupont1876
102081891Lum Goot (female) Native BornOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLam Won1009 Dupont1871
102091891Lum Toy (female) Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedLam Mon1009 Dupont1876
102101891Woo Ah Tan  Native BornOceanicMowry, LymanDischargedWoo Bing Nam 730 Sacramento1872
102151891Lee Gee Sun Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRiordan, Thomas DDischargedLee Nooey657 Dupont1874
102161891Low Foong Oye (female) Native BornCity of Rio de Janeirovan Duzer, A P DischargedLow Choong618 Dupont1870
102171891Jew Shook Sem  Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredDischargedJow Sing Poy722 Dupont1876
102181891Wong Lem  Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroRicketts, AlfredRemandedWong Ngep Tong743 Clay1866
102191891Yung Chun Sing Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedYung Yick Suey 635 Jackson 
102201891Yung Seong Native BornGaelicRicketts, AlfredDischargedYung Sing Jook716 Pacific 
102341891Admiralty Case  OceanicMcAllister, Jr. , WardDischargedLee Chun Joy730 Sacramento1867
102401891Doo Hin Sing Native BornGaelicMowry, LymanDischargedDoo Wing BunFront Street1871
102581891Lim On Lip MerchantOceanicRiordan, Thomas DDischarged Merchant 
102721891Look Ah Tow (female) Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroSchaertzer, Henry C.DischargedLook Ah Wah919 Dupont1872
102731891Look Ah Moy (female) Native BornCity of Rio de JaneiroSchaertzer, Henry C.DischargedLook Ah Wah919 Dupont1868
102741891John Hyer Held by Chief of Police Cook, Carroll Discharged Held by Chief of Police under warrent of arrest 
102791891John Hyer Held by Chief of Police Cook, Carroll Remanded appealed to Circuit Court Heldby Chief of Police under warrant of arrest  
102891892Bow Ah Gum (female) Native BornGaelicLande, EdwardWrit returned non est Bow Pong904 Dupont 
102941892Ngen Yun Lau aka Tom Yun Lau  Native BornOceanicNaphtaly, JosephDischargedTom He Ning805 Dupont18 years
103031892Jew Oy (female) Native BornBelgicSchaertzer, Henry C.Discharged 823 Dupont19 years
103041892Mack Chow Resident MerchantBelgicSchaertzer, Henry C.Writ returned non est  Resident Merchant 
103051892Hom Dock  Native BornBelgicSchaertzer, Henry C.RemandedHom Tow712 Dupont 
103061892Mock Him Jew Resident MerchantBelgicSchaertzer, Henry C.Discharged Resident Merchant 
103071892Ho Hon Resident MerchantBelgicSchaertzer, Henry C.Discharged   
103081892Jeong Gwong Ping Resident MerchantBelgicSchaertzer, Henry C.Discharged   
103091892Yee Soon Resident MerchantBelgicSchaertzer, Henry C.Discharged   
103101892Lee Sic Resident MerchantBelgicSchaertzer, Henry C.Discharged   
103111892Wong Yen  Resident MerchantBelgicSchaertzer, Henry C.Discharged   
103121892Mortimer Fox Held by Chief of Police Cook, Carroll Remanded Held by Chief of Police under warrent of arrest 
103181892Doo Dai Hoy (female) Wife of resident merchantOceanicSchlesinger, BertDischarged Wife of Resident Merchant 
103191892Choy Leau Hoy  OceanicSchlesinger, BertDischarged   
103201892Sum Moy (female) Native BornOceanicSchlesinger, BertDischargedSun Key Jung810 Dupont10 years
103211892Lee Ah Gin (female) Native BornOceanicSchlesinger, BertDischarged 745 Sacramento21 years