Frederick Bee was a native of New York State, Gold Rush pioneer, builder of the Sierra telegraph, developer of Sausalito, lobbyist, attorney, and official of the Chinese consulate from 1878-1892. Mr. Bee defended the rights of Chinese residents, petitioned the government for redress of damages, worked to repeal local laws, and acted as a liaison with the Customs Department.
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     Encyclopedia Britannica
A Youth Textbook of Chinese American History: Volume 1
includes section on Frederick Bee.
     Frederick Bee is mentioned in Youtube video about the Tape Family
     and Sinovision
     Articles in English
     Commemorations of 125th anniversary of death
     Article in Chinese about Frederick A Bee by Cathy Huang 美华史记|洋律师出任光绪皇帝的外交官
     Index to District Court from 1882-1892 and spreadsheets and graphs
          Records of female detainees
          Records of minors
     San Francisco Municipal Reports

            Decade-by-decade archive of records and newspaper articles
     1820 to 1849
     1850 to 1859
     1860 to 1869
     1870 to 1879
     1880 to 1889
     1890 to 1899

     Chinese treaties from 1689 to 1901


     Advertisement -sale of house 1878-October -9
     Advertisement - anti-communist 1879-January-1
     Ah Yute
     Ambassador, greeting 1886-April-7
     Assault on Chinese person 1889-May-19
     Attorney General, disagreement 1891-July- 11

     Bartlett, David W. , Secretary of Chinese Embassy
     Bingham Ordinance, opposition 1890-May-22
     Bingham Ordinance, opposition 1890-May-23
     Board of Health, lawsuit proposed 1891-July-2
     Board of Health, smallpox 1880-August-3
     Board of Health, uninhabitable places 1886-July-29
     Burial, Ah Hee 1891-February -27

     Canadian Commission 1884-July-28
     Captain Bryan 1886-September -30
     Certificate, adding photographs 1885-August-23
     Certificate, authority 1884-February -5
     Certificate, delay in processing 1889-August-20
     Certificate, denied entry 1886-March-5
     Certificate and passport examples
     Certificate, fraudulent 1882-March-19
     Certificate, fraudulent 1884-May-29
     Certificate, issuance 1882-June-12
     Certificate, investigation 1885-October -20
     Certificate, Jack Yuen 1886-January-17
     Certificate, laborer 1884-October -29
     Certificate, letters of Chinese legation 1882-June-8
     Certificate, lost 1885-August-27
     Certificate, prostitute 1887-January-7
     Certificate, railroad passengers 1889-June-10
     Certificate, testimony 1884-January-22
     Certificate, testimony 1885-August-27 and      Case 3659
     Certificate, Treasury Department 1884-December -19
     Certificate, Yen and Bun 1886-January-27
     Change of address 1887-September-4
     Charity 1889-March-17
     Charity, funds 1884-March-12
     Chinatown, inspection 1880-March-25
     Chinatown, landlord 1880-February -25
     Chinese Exclusion Act - letter to Senate 1882-March-1
     Chinese Exclusion Act - article 1884-January -17 and       case number 2917
     Chinese Exclusion Act - Chinese from Mexico sent back to China 1890, July 24
     Chinese Exclusion Act
           detainees by gender, female
           detainees by age, under 18
           detainees by location
           Los Angeles
           New York
           Red Bluff
           Portland, Oregon
           Alameda County
           Santa Clara County
     Chinese Minister, farewell 1886-May-13
     Chronology of Frederick Bee's life
     Comments on immigrants from China to Mexico 1890-August-25
     Congress - Representative Davis 1878-January-29
     Congressional Chinese Immigration Report 1891-March-12
     Consul, Lima, Peru 1890-January-1
     Consuls - List of San Francisco consuls with dates of consulship
     Consulate, San Francisco, mistaken identity 1889-December -13
     Costumes 1883-February-3
     Country home, Martinez, California 1886-October -15
     Crime 1890-January-24
     Crime in Chinatown 1891-March-19
     Customs House, complaint 1887-7-24
     Customs Service, treatment of passengers 1879-April -9
     Cubic Air Ordinance 1878-March-5
     Cubic Air Ordinance - defense of Chinese 1878-September -11
     Cubic Air Ordinance - long quote of defense 1878-September -14
     Cubic Air Ordinance - defense of Chinese 1885-March-1

     Death, Ah Tia 1891-July-25
     Death, Ah Yook 1886-August-14
     Death, Frederick Bee funeral 1892-May-30
     Death, Wong Sue 1884-May-7and      1884 San Francisco Municipal Report
     Departure, expected 1886-February -21
     Departure, Simon Adler Stern April 26, 1887

     Economy 1886-February -16
     Request for exequatur from Chinese government
          The reason the Chinese Government hired F.A. Bee from "Huang chao zhang gu hui bian / Zhang Shouyong deng bian]"
          Original report
          Find out more about the book.
          Commissioner Chen's report

     February 18, 1886 letter to US Government re expulsion from Nicolaus, California
     Expulsion, Nicolaus, California 1886-March-18
     Expulsion, Nicolaus, California defendants 1886-March-19
     Expulsion, Nicolaus, California hearing 1886-April-1
     Expulsion, Oregon City, Oregon 1886-February -23
     Expulsion, Placerville, California - plans to expel 1886-February -16
     Expulsion, Rocklin, California refer to article dated 1877-September -20
     Expulsion, telegram, Tacoma, Washington 1885-November-4
     Expulsion, Truckee, California 1885-December -23
     Expulsion, Truckee, California - Chinese will fight back 1886-January-6
     Expulsion, Truckee, California -telegram written by Bee 1886-January-19

     Family Tree
     Family history
     Flag, sketch of flag used by Chinese legations abroad
           from "Notes from the Chinese Legation in the United States to the Department of State 1868 to 1906"

     Funeral, Judge Sawyer's daughter 1890-March-9

     Gold medal from Emperor 1886-June-25
     Gresham Treaty - English and Chinese versions

     Hong Di 1887-May-26
     Hong Di lynched 1887-July-14
     Hoodlum history>br>
     Immigration 1877-September -13
     Inquest, Wong Chung Kong in Portland, Oregon 1892-April-22
     Interview, California exclusion laws 1892-March-20
     Interview 1877-August-20
     Interview, San Francisco Chronicle 1878-December -5
     Investigation of Ng Wee Nam 1888-March-2
     Investigation of Ng Wee Nam 1888-March-3
     Investigation of Ng Wee Nam 1888-March-4
     Investigation of Ng Wee Nam 1888-March-10

     Jail, investigation request 1891-November-15
     Joint Congressional Comittee on Chinese, final report 1877-February -27
     Joint Congressional Comittee on Chinese, hearing 1876-October -19
     Jung Quong Sing possible pardon 1886-November-30

     Kennedy, Joseph, Chinese Six Companies 1879-January-16
     Kindergarten opened 1888-December-13

     Labor market 1886-February -20
     Landing, Ah Lung 1888-September -7
     Landing, Chinese dignitaries 1886-April-10
     Landing women, testimony 1887-January-6
     Landing women, testimony 1887-January-15
     Landing women, testimony 1887-September -1
     Landing women, steamship Belgic 1887-September -21
     Landing women, steamship City of Peking 1887-November-27
     Landing women, testimony 1888-February -29
     Landing women, testimony 1888-March-17
     Landing women, testimony 1888-August-10
     Landing women, testimony 1888-August-30
     Landing women, testimony 1888-September -1
     Landing women, testimony 1890-February -20 and      Case number 9119
     Landing women, testimony 1891-May-30
     Legislation to revoke Bee's consular duties 1887-February -22
     Len Ah Gin - given custody by Court 1886-November-13
     Leprosy 1880-May-18
     Leprosy 1888-October -8
     Letter from Bee to Wing 1879-June-19
     Letter to the editor New York Times 1881-March-11
     Letter from ex-Senator David Davis 1883-May-24
     Letter to Board of Public Instruction 1883-April-23
     Letter to Board of Public Instruction 1884-October -22
     Letter to the editor Daily Alta 1885-July-9
     Letter to Bidwell of Chico 1886-May-3
     Letter to the editor 1886-July-3
     Letter, to Governor of Arizona 1887-August-25
     Letter exporting raisins to China 1889-August-3
     Case 9722 includes letter from Frederick A. Bee 1890-August-15
     Letter, District Court case 10209 1891-January-19
     Letter from Albert Bee's wife to Albert Bee dated December 2, 1853
     Los Angeles fire 1887-August-5

     Marriage, interracial 1883-April-8 and      Sarah Burke
     Massacre, Chico , California 1877-March-16
     Massacre, Chico, California - request to Governor Wood 1877-April-5
     Massacre, Chico, California - traveled to Oroville 1877-May-25
     Massacre, Rock Springs, Wyoming Territory 1885-September-6
     Massacre, Rock Springs - notes from Chinese legation 1885-September -11
     Massacre, Rock Springs - notes from Chinese legation 1885-September -19
     Massacre, Rock Springs - nationality of perpetrators 1885-September-28
     Massacre, Rock Springs - notes from Chinese legation 1885-September -30
     Massacre, Rock Springs - notes from Chinese legation 1885-November-30
     Massacre, Rock Springs reaction to report to Chinese government's 1886-March-5
     Massacre, Rock Springs, Foreign Relations of United States - transcription of Rock Springs letter
     February 24, 1887 - Chapter 253 An act to indemnify certain subjects of the Chinese Empire for losses sustained by the violence of a mob at Rock Springs, in the Territory of Wyoming,in September, eighteen hundred and eighty-five.
     Massacre, Snake River - notes from Chinese legation 1887-June-18
     Massacre, Snake River - notes from Chinese legation 1888-February -16
     Massacre, Snake River - indictment 1888-March-12
     Mayor Bartlett 1886-October -15
     Medallion - on page of photographs
     Meeting diplomats 1881-April-2
     Meeting Minister Angell 1880-June-17
     Meeting new Chinese Minister 1889-September-19
     Mental illness, Chinese men
           Dong Yuen Sing detained. He was determined to be insane.
           November 16, 1888 Notes from the Chinese Legation re: insane patient, Wing Lee
           Consul Bee interrogated Lee Yuck, an insane leper.
     Mining, hydraulic 1889-May-4
     Mission Home, Ah Oie 1884-May-23
     Mission Home, Ah Yute 1882-September -12
     Mission Home , Choy Yoke refer to 1880-August-3
     Mrs. Bee, death 1889-August-20
     Mrs. Bee, estate administration 1889-September -7
     Mrs. Bee, sale of property by estate 1890-June-27
     Murder, Anaconda, Montana Territory, April 15, 1885
     Murder, Pecos, Texas, October 30, 1889 letter

     National Labor Party, denunciation by 1878-March-9
     New consular officials 1882-April -4
     New Years celebration 1880-February -8
     Noble, Reverend, reaction to speech 1877-November-16

     Oceanic, steamship accident 1888-August-24
     Oceanic, steamship passengers request investigation 1888-August-26
     Oceanic, steamship sailors investigation 1888-August-27

     Parade, Ant-Chinese 1886-May-12
     Pardons for criminals 1883-March-14
     Party 1884-February -18
     Party, Crocker family 1884-December -8
     Party, Japanese Minister 1887-November-13
     Party, wives of Senators 1887-April-10
     Passport and certificate examples
     Pimp, interview about 1887-December -15
     Pimp, testimony against 1887-December -7
     Pimp, trial of 1888-March-16
     Articles of Association of the Placerville and Sacramento Valley Railroad Company
     Placerville and Humboldt Telegraph Company Articles of Incorporation

     Poem written by Huang Zunxian about Frederick Bee
     Police, Chinatown 1891-February -2
     Police corruption 1879-August-26
     Police corruption 1880-February -11
     Police corruption 1880-August-31
     Police corruption 1885-July-23
     Police corruption 1889-February -21
     Population estimate 1890-June-6
     Population Statistics - Daily Alta editor 1885-July-10
     Port Costa, California workers 1887-March-21
     Possibility of federal troops 1880-March-12
     Post office 1884-January-17
     Power-of-attorney 1888-March-6
     President Harrison banquet 1891-May-2
     Prisoner, deport to China 1891-June-23
     Procession, Chinese 1887-October -2
     Property ownership
           Tax assessment maps and records of Frederick Bee's property in Contra Costa County, California
           Table of Bee family property records in Placerville
     Property tax, Senator Sargent 1879-February -25
     Providing indemnity to Chinese subjects 1886-May-1

     Quarantine report June 6, 1882 and
     Cover page and
     Page 1 of F. A. Bee's letter to Dr. T. J. Turner, USN, Secretary, National Board of Health and
     Page 2 of letter and
     Remainder of Appendix N
     Courtesy of the Nevada State Library

     Quarantine - smallpox 1886-February -11
     Quarantine - Steamer Belgic 1888-February -11
     Quarantine - Steamer Oceanic 1888-August-23
     Quock (or Kwok) Ah Sip case 1888-January-26

     Reaction to Supreme Court December decision 1889-May-14
     Reasons for Mr. Bee's actions
     Received visitors 1879-January-25
     Recognized as Consul 1878-November-15
     Reception 1880-April -10
     Religion -examples of interaction with religion
           I cannot find evidence of Frederick Bee's religious views.
     Replaced as Vice-Consul 1890-August-19
     Return of six Chinese sailors 1887-February -20
     Return of women to China 1887-November-23
     Riot, Denver, Colorado 1880-November-30
     Riot, Denver, Colorado - report of riot 1880-December -30
     Riot, Denver, Colorado - foreign relation papers 1881-January-21
     Riot, Martinez, California Letter from F. A. Bee and Consul General to Contra Costa Board of Supervisors and
     Transcription of letter 1882-May-3
     Riot, San Francisco, California - declined $1,000 1877-August- 2
     Riot, San Francisco, California - suit for damages 1877-August-20
     Riot, Seattle, Washington - notes from Chinese legation 1885-October -17
     Riot, Seattle, Washington - Governor's letter 1885-October -21
     Riot, Seattle, Washington -Bee's opinion 1885-November-7
     Riot, Seattle, Washington - Governor's reaction 1885-November-8
      Riot, Seattle, Washington -telegram to Governor refer to 1886-February -7
     Riot, Seattle, Washington 1886-February -9
     Riot, Seattle, Washington - views of Consul Bee 1886-February -12
     Riot, Seattle, Washington- Seattle property damage letter dated February 19, 1887
     Riot, Vallejo, California August 13, 1891 letter
     Role at consulate 1884-January-26
     Rough treatment of passengers 1886-June-24

     Sausalito, California
     Scott Act, comments 1888-September -6
     Soon Hing case 1885-March-17
     Spectator at trial 1888-October -13
     Statement in court 1886-June-18
     Steamer Mee Foo 1881-May-19
     Steamship Arabic 1889-August-9
     Steamship, arrivals and departures 1885-October -17
     Steamship, arrivals and departures 1886-March-18
     Steamship, arrivals and departures 1889-August-7
     Steamship, arrivals and departures 1889-October -3
     Steamship City of Peking 1883-November-21
     Steamship City of Peking 1884-October -11
     Steamship City of Peking, inspection 1891-March-12
     Steamship City of Tokio 1883-November-2
     Steamship Oceanic 1880-June-16
     Steamship Oceanic 1890-February -19
     Steamship San Pablo refer to 1884-June-27
     Stockton Herald had negative opinion. 1880-April-21
     Suburbs 1883-February -14
     Swindling victims 1890-November-22

     Telegram about leper 1892-April-1
     Testimony, case 2495 1882-March-23
     Testimony, certificate 1884-August-16
     Testimony, certificate fraudulent 1888-April-6
     Testimony, certificate lost 1888-August-18
     Testimony, circuit court 1888-June-7
     Testimony, Congressional 1890-December -7
     Testimony, corrected by Bee 1890-February -21
     Testimony, denial of entry 1885-December -6
     Testimony, grand jury 1885-December -2
     Testimony, grand jury 1885-October -29
     Testimony Kwok Ah Sip 1887-December -1
     Testimony, Lee Ah Bo certificate 1888-March-28
     Testimony of Lim Get Gaow
           Mandarin translation
           Record of Lim Get Gaow
     Thanksgiving, charity 1877-December -1
     Thanksgiving, Chinese 1887-June- 25
     The Other Side of the Chinese Question published 1886-February -8
     Threats 1885-December -19
     Title awarded 1882-April-8
     Tong houses destroyed 1891-February -3
     Transit of Chinese, regulations of 1891-August-8
     Travel, Calistoga, California 1885-August-3
     Travel, Chico, California 1885-May-30
     Travel, Los Angeles, California 1883-December -8
     Travel, New York, New York 1878-November-26
     Travel, Sacramento, California 1887-May-26
     Travel, Washington, DC 1878-October -16
     Treasury Department - satisfying regulation 1889-October -12
     Treaties signed by China from 1689 to 1901


     Vacation, East coast 1890-August-22
     Vacation, East coast neuralgia 1890-September -18
     Vacation, East coast return 1890-October -18
     Vaccination 1882-March-2
     Vietnam (Annam) refer to entry dated 1883-August-29
     Visit with President Grant 1879-September -25

     Wages, Chinese workers 1890-September -19
     Washington Post, article 1878-October -26
     Washington Post, modified statements 1878-October -29
     Washington Post, Irish reaction to interview 1878-November-2
     Washington Post, statements exaggerated 1878-November-19
     Washington State, twelve immigrants 1890-December -19
     Washington Territory - Border infiltration 1883-January-6
     Washington Territory - accuracy of report 1883-August-8
     Wickersham murders - arrest 1886-February -17
     Wickersham murders 1886-February -25
     Wong Jock 1886-0ct-14
     Workingmens Party, denunciation by 1877-December -11
     Workingmens Party, resolution against Bee 1880-February -26