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Ah Yute was suspected of being a sex slave.
Ah Oie was suspected of being a sex slave.

Records of minors detained by USA - Chinese Exclusion laws

Case 5628 Wah Ah Ying 11-year-old

Case 8747 Loo Choy Ho 8-year-old

Case 8749 Lee Ey Fung 11-year-old

Case 8909 Leong Kam 15-year-old

Case 8920 Lee Yen 17-year-old

Case 8933 Wong Mun Bin 17-year-old

Case 8972 Wong Choy Sin 15-year-old

Case 8973 Wong Fook Ho 14-year-old

Case 8974 Wong Sing Yee 13-year-old

Case 8976 Dong Young 12-year-old

Case 8978 Dong Que Far 15-year-old

Case 9033 Fong Toong Mow 13-year-old

Case 9151 Lim Git Gaow 17-year-old

Case 9155 Leong Lai Yook 15-year-old

Case 9186 Lee Kong Chong 16-year-old

Case 9213 Mar Sue Lim 16-year-old

Case 9288 Chin Ah Ching 17-year-old

Case 9455 Jueng Gum 12-year-old

Case 9518 Lee Hay 12-year-old

Case 9520 Lee Heong 10-year-old

Case 9535 Lee Ah Kwong 14-year-old

Case 9722 Mar Chew Kook 11-year-old

Case 9739 Jew Sing Toy 12-year-old

Case 9740 Wong Suey Gaow 5-year-old

Case 9741 Wong Ow How 11-year-old

Case 9797 Jung Sioy 14-year-old

Case 9800 Jeung Yit Quay 12-year-old

Case 9888 Chun Chi Sir 14 -year-old

Case 10052 Yee Mee 9-year-old

Case 10116 Chin Chon Loy 10 year-old

Case 10144 Cha Sing Kwai 10-year-old

Case 10145 Cha Tai Kim 5-year-old

Case 10209 Lum Toy 14-year-old