Ladies'Protective and Relief building
San Francisco Public Library Photo id# AAC-9987. Title [Ladies' Protection & Relief Society, Franklin and Geary streets]. Date 1865. Notes On front: "Ladies' Protection + Relief Society; commenced Oct. 1, 1863; completed Apr. 20, 1864; total cost $23,000." On back: "looking north-east".

Read original entry in the records of the Log Book of Presbyterian Occidental Board Mission Home
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Transcription of entry
“White Ah Ying
June 13/84 A Chinese woman named Ah Som, brought a little white girl to the Home this evening. Ah Som says the little girl was given her at its birth, by its mother, and that she has had it ever since, caring for it, and loving it as her own. It was reported that a number of white children were in the possession of the Chinese, and that the police were about to take them from them. Ah Sam hearing this became alarmed for fear that the child, to whom she seems devotedly attached would be taken from her, and asked that the child might remain in the “Home” till her husband (now in China) returns to San Francisco. The child Ah Ying dresses in Chinese costume and speaks only Chinese. She has a very fair complexion, rosy cheeks and very blue eyes, and her light hair has been dyed a dark color.

Aug 9/84 White Ah Ying’s mother, Ah Som took her from the Home today, and promises to let her come every day to school.

Feb 1st/85 White Ah Ying came to the home again, to await further developments, and from this time remains till she had learned to read and speak a little English.

Nov 13/85 I took Ah Ying to the Ladies Protection and Relief Society, by order of the Board, registering her as “Annie Browning” an orphan. "

According to the Twelfth Annual Report of the Occidental Board Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, 1885, "Annie Browning, the little white child taken from the Chinese, and who remained in the House for nearly a year, has been placed in an institution for white children, and is seemingly as happy for her new surroundings as she was unhappy when separated from her Chinese foster parents, so quickly are the sorrows of childhood dissipated."
You can find this report at the San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, California.