YEAR 1897

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San Francisco Call, Volume 81, Number 53, 22 January 1897
Charter member of Colonel Baker memorial fund
Article about E. D. Baker

San Francisco Call, Volume 81, Number 154, 3 May 1897
Alice Tompkins, David Maxwell, Andrew Maxwell heirs to Frank Bee estate - real estate transaction
According to a letter from Bill Dillard written in August, 2011, "I believe the Tompkins house was a single story 'Victorian Style' house with a covered porch acros the front and on one side of the house. ..Mrs. Tompkins moved when the old man passed away and the house was torn down in 1962 when the property sold. I don't know much more about the history of the property, only that it was referred to as the Tompkins Ranch."

San Francisco Call, Volume 82, Number 62, 1 August 1897
Death of Margaret Culbertson

Did You Know...Customs and Immigration Officers Helped 'Kidnap' Chinese Girls to Save Them

A Busy Time in the Kitchen: From The Wave: v. 16, Jan. - Dec. 1897: no. 46, page 9: The Presbyterian Chinese Mission Home
More pictures of Presbyterian Chinese Mission Home

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