YEAR 1895

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1895 Langley San Francisco City Directory

Chinese Business Directory

San Francisco Call, Volume 77, Number 152, 11 May 1895
Native Sons of the Golden State organized.

Status of Custom House
San Francisco Chronicle (1869-Current File). San Francisco, Calif.: May 26, 1895. p. 18 (1 page)

San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 23, 23 June 1895
Death of Frank M. Bee

San Francisco Chronicle 23 June 1895
Frank M. Bee Dead
Frank M. Bee, son of F. A. Bee, the late Chinese Consul, was found dead at 1923 Pine Street last night. The cause of his death was due to natural causes. Young Bee was a single man, 40 years of age and kept bachelor quarters with his cousin Everett Bee, who is a merchant with offices at 109 California Street. Young Bee inherited wealth at the death of his father, which occurred three years ago.
He led a rather gay life after that time, and drank considerably of late. He had been ill for several months and was under treatment by Dr. Burgess until four weeks ago, when the physician himself became ill, and is now lying at the point of death.
Young Bee had no medical attendance since that time. Yesterday morning at 8 o'clock the Chinese boy whom he had in his employ to do the cooking and housework left Bee in his room until 7:30 o'clock last night. At that hour he went to Bee's room, and found him lying dead on the bed, with his clothes on fully dressed. Bee had evidently been taken with a bad spell, had thrown himself on top of the bedclothes and had expired in a short time.
The Coroner was notified, and removed the body to the Morgue. An inquest will be held to determine the cause of death.
NOTE: Dr. Burgess had been diagnosed with the grip (also known as influenza).

Death of Dr. Oscar O. Burgess in May 30, 1909 San Francisco Call

San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 24, 24 June 1895
Frank Bee cause of death
Note: Haemoptysis is the spitting or coughing up of blood or blood-streaked mucus, as in tuberculosis.

San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 24, 24 June 1895
Frank M. Bee death notice

Frank Bee's mortuary record

Transcription from San Francisco Municipal Reports for the Fiscal Year 1894-95 Ending June 30, 1895
Coroners Report
Page 47
TABLE No. 4- Continued
June 22
Frank M. Bee
Property and to whom delivered
Thirty-eight and 60-100 dollars, yellow metal ring, seven white stones, bunch keys, one letter
June 25th, to Thomas D. Riordan

San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 26, 26 June 1895
Ferdinand Ciprico secured release on bond.

San Francisco Chronicle 28 June 1895
Estate of Frank M. Bee
Everett N. Bee yesterday applied for letters of administration on the estate of cousin, the late Frank M. Bee. The value of his estate has not been estimated, but it is known to be worth more than $10,000. The deceased was never married. His heirs are a dozen or more cousins, living in this State and in the East. It is not believed that he left any will.

From the June 29, 1895 Contra Costa Gazette, "Frank M. Bee, son of ex-Consul Bee, who will be remembered as a former resident here, was found dead in his bed in San Francisco on Saturday night last."

July 19, 1895 report of Public Administrator A.C. Freese regarding the estate of Frank M. Bee

5 August 1895 San Francisco Chronicle
Notice to Creditors - Estate of Frank M. Bee, deceased
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, A.C. Freese, administrator of the estate of Frank M. Bee, deceased, to the creditors of, and all person having claims against the said deceased, to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within the first ten months of the first publication of this notice to the said Administrator at his office, room no. 9, 819 Pine Street, San Francisco, California, the same being his place for the transactions of the business of the said estate in the city and county of San Francisco, State of California. A.C. Freese
Administrator of the Estate of Frank M. Bee, deceased
Dated at San Francisco, July 20, 1895
J.D. Sullivan, Attorney for Administrator

San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 69, 8 August 1895
Frank M. Bees estate

The August 8, 1895 Bar Harbor Record reported that Mrs. S. L. Bee was in Bar Harbor, Maine visiting her son, Albert W. Bee, Jr.

San Francisco Call, Volume 78, Number 121, 29 September 1895
Mrs. S. L. Bee returned from the East after two years.

San Francisco Call, Volume 79, Number 20, 20 December 1895
Disposition of Frank M. Bee's estate

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