YEAR 1853

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Daily Alta California, Volume 4, Number 36, 6 February 1853
Albert Bee returned with wife.
I could not locate a diary kept by A. W. Bee for this trip. Judge Shafter's letters describe a similar voyage in October, 1854.

Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 4, Number 587, 9 February 1853
Albert Bee wedding announcement

Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 5, Number 644, 16 April 1853
Foreign Miner's Tax translated into Chinese.
Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 12, Number 1841, 19 February 1857
Payment for Richard Cole

18 April 1853
California Indian War voucher number 120 in the amount of $33.98

Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 5, Number 657, 2 May 1853
F A Bee and W Wadsworth started the Placerville Herald, a Democrat paper.
Placerville Herald building

Daily Alta California, Volume 4, Number 153, 3 June 1853
The ship, Hamilton, was the first ship owned by Chinese owners to arrive in San Francisco.

Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 5, Number 699, 20 June 1853
F A Bee retired from the editorial department of the Placerville Herald.

June 24, 1853
F. A. Bee's preemption for his property

Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 5, Number 713, 7 July 1853
A. W. Bee and Whig Convention

James M. Hutchings worked at the Placerville Herald.
Read about James M. Hutchings
Books by James M. Hutchings

September 2, 1853
A.W. Bee and wife loaned $500 to James M. Hutchings.The interest rate was 5% per month.

Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 6, Number 779, 22 September 1853
A W Bee and dead man

Letter from Albert Bee's wife to Albert Bee dated December 2, 1853

I scanned some articles from the Placerville Herald. Sometimes an article is in two or three sections and the text overlaps.

April 30, 1853 Placerville Herald

May 7, 1853 Placerville Herald

May 14, 1853 Placerville Herald

May 21, 1853 Placerville Herald

May 28, 1853 Placerville Herald

June 4, 1853 Placerville Herald
Benjamin Nickerson sponsored bear fighting.
In 1877, Owen Nickerson Denny was appointed U.S. consul in Tinjin, China. In 1880, Denny was promoted to U.S. consul general in Shanghai. Benjamin Nickerson and Owen Nickerson Denny are both related to William N. and Anne Busby who lived in Chatham, Massachusetts in the 1680s according to the Nickerson Family Association.

June 11, 1853 Placerville Herald

June 18, 1853 Placerville Herald

July 23, 1853 Placerville Herald

August 8, 1853 Placerville Herald

August 22, 1853 Placerville Herald

August 29, 1853 Placerville Herald

Miscellaneous articles of the Placerville Herald

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