Wong Shing traveled to USA with minister to study in 1847.
Wong Shing worked with F.A. Bee at the Chinese Consulate in 1880.
Wong Shing was an interpreter at the Chinese Embassy in Washinton, D.C in 1879.

David W. Bartlett traveled to London in 1847.
D.W. Bartlett was the Secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D. C., starting in 1878.

Californian, Volume 1, Number 25, 6 February 1847
Francisca would become Benicia and the opposite shore of the ferry would become Martinez.

Californian, Volume 2, Number 1, 22 May 1847
Why newspaper moved from Monterey to San Francisco

California Star, Volume 1, Number 20, 22 May 1847
Copy of George McKinstry, Jr.'s journal
Comments on journal

Californian, Volume 2, Number 5, 19 June 1847
Name change for Francisca and Yerba Buena

Californian, Volume 2, Number 16, 4 September 1847
Statistics of San Francisco

Californian, Volume 2, Number 18, 15 September 1847
Trip from San Francisco to Sacramento

Californian, Volume 2, Number 25, 3 November 1847
Washing for gold

David W.Bartlett on 1889 letter from the Chinese Embassy