YEARS 1820 to 1849


El Polin
National Park description
El Polin Spring
El Polin Spring

El Polin Spring is in the Presidio, San Francisco, California. The legend of El Polin Spring states that a woman who drinks from this spring will be able to become pregnant.
San Francisco Call, Volume 105, Number 170, 19 May 1909
El Polin Spring

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Leland Stanford attended Clinton Liberal Institute in Clinton, New York in the 1840-1841 period.

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John Bee's property in Clinton, NY

Frederck Bee's father, John Bee, passed away on July 1, 1833, in Clinton, New York, at the age of 58.

From the Marriage Records of Washington County, Maine, "Jason Clap of Addison & Louisa M. Hutchings of Steuben m. 29 Oct 1829 by Rev. James Jacques".
Sophronia Louise was the only child of this union. Sophronia Louise Clapp married Albert W. Bee. According to S.L. Bee's funeral record, she was born in Columbia, Maine on August 7, 1830 and died on August 4, 1925.

From the Catalogue of the officers and students of Clinton Liberal Institute at Clinton, Oneida County, NY, during the year terminating September 3, 1834.
Barlow Bee attended Clinton Liberal Institute in 1834.
The Institute was founded in 1831 by the Universalist Church; it moved to Fort Plain, N.Y. in 1879 and operated there until it was destroyed by fire in 1900.
Clinton Liberal Institute
Thank you to Richard L. Williams and Clinton Historical Society
According to Martha Stebbins Kibler of the Stebbins Ancestral Society, Joseph Stebbins was the half third cousin, once removed, of Horatio Stebbins. That sounds weird, but the "half" is there because they're descended from the same man by two different wives. The "removed" part comes from the fact that they're in different generations.Please note: Sarah Eliza Langdon was the second wife of Calvin Stebbins.
Joseph Stebbins lived in Clinton, NY in 1831, and was one of founders of the Clinton Liberal Institute. Horatio Stebbins was born on August 8, 1821 in South Wilbraham (now Hampden), Massachusetts. Frederick Bee was born in Clinton, NY in 1825. Mr. Bee's funeral was officiated by Horatio Stebbins. The Clinton Liberal Institute was a Universalist institution. Horatio Stebbins was a Unitarian Universalist minister. I could NOT find a direct link between Horatio Stebbins and the Clinton Liberal Institute.

Frederick Bee lived in a house on the Hamilton College campus in 1841.
Hamilton College is located in Clinton, NY.

On September 10, 1848, Reverend Henry Burroughs, Jr., Rector of St. John's in Northampton, Massachusetts, married Louise Smith and Fayette Clapp. Fayette was from Pawtucket,Rhode Island and Louise was from Amherst, Massachusetts. Louise Smith Clapp wrote under the pseudonym of Dame Shirley during the California Gold Rush.

Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana

California : a history of Upper & Lower California from their first discovery to the present time : comprising an account of the climate, soil, natural productions, agriculture, commerce, &c. A full view of the missionary establishments and condition of the free & domesticated Indians, with an appendix relating to steam-navigation in the Pacific, illustrated with a new map, plans of the harbors and numerous engravings / by Alexander Forbes, esq.